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In November 2009, I began on my road to recovery from years of mounting debt....that "monkey on my back."

Thanks to the wonderful Debt Consolidation Care forums and sample letters, I have eliminated 11 negative tradelines (with only 1 Pay for Delete). And, I am in the process of settling another account with a collection agency (yes, "settled" with a $0 balance...tough dealings with Debt Recovery Solutions).

I still have a few accounts on my credit report that show closed/charged off with $0 balance...just going to let them fall off over the next few years.

Now, I'm working on credit repair. I've been approved for my first secured credit card.

Slowly, slowly...making progress.

Thanks to everyone who unknowingly has helped me overcome a major hurdle in my life. I send you my deepest appreciation. :D

Wow Rinnie !!!

I am doing the happy dancing for you.

Hope you'd stay with us to help the other members to deal with their debt situations.

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Thanks, SC.

Yes...I'll be around :-)

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Rinnie Rinnie

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