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getting payoff, 2 (and a half) down, 5 to Go!!!

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I am so grateful for everyone here who has assisted me along the way. :hug:

This is what I owed

Cash Transfer Centers: $752 (TBD)

E-Payday-Loan: Due $520

VC Funding: Due $390 (now PIF)

Q-Loot (VIP Cash): $315 (now PIF)

Ameriloan:$410 (from 2005)

United Cash Loans: $505 (from 2005)

QuikPayday: ?? Owed (from 2005)

I've spent a little over a month sending complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the Maryland Attorney General's office, writing and faxing/emailing wage revocation letters, contacting my employer accounting dept, writing and faxing, emailing and mailing ALL (even their d/b/a's) via certified mail & return receipt, (even international) illegal internet loan revocation letters to all 7 of the payday loans I had from 2005 to now.

I spent about $100 at the post office and $63 at the notary public, not including paper and ink and I am finally getting the payoff but I'm not done. I've got 5 more to go and they haven't heard the last of me!! :twisted:

So on Friday I got a Fed Ex package in the mail from DMA Financial Corp (aka VIP Cash) and I thought to myself "Oh NO, what now?!?!?)

I open to find a letter with VIP Cash letterhead stating from Ms. Brittany Willis:

"Dear Mrs (my last name here)

I am responding to the complaint you have filed against our company. As far as the balanced owed there is a $0 balance. You no longer owe us money and the account has been charged off. You are in good standings with this company and everything has been taken care of.

We apologize for any confusion thee might have been.

If there are any questions regarding this complaint please call me.

Brittany Willis
Assistant to the Controller
DMA Financial Corp."

and I got an email from Arrowhead Investment(VC Funding) from Jaime:

I have recieved the paper work you sent. I have received it about seven times now and VC Funding has not attempted to put anything through account since April. The account is marked paid, however, Westbury Ventures has nothing to do with our company. We are not afflitated with them what so ever, it is just VC Funding Tran. You will have to find another way to contact that company. Thank you.

Jamie ext 118
VC Funding Tran

and for those who say it's impossible to get in touch with Cash Transfer Centers... its almost impossible, but they can be contacted!! I got this letter in the mail on Saturday from contacting BBB and them sending a letter to Northway Financial Corp/Cash Transfer Centers:

We are in receipt of your letter dated May 14 regarding (my name here). We have ceased all collections activity while we investigate this matter. Please be advised that the representative who handles all complaints is currently out of the office. You will receive a response upon their return.

Administration Dept.

Don't give up ever, fight with all you have and you will eventually see the results. I want to frame these letters for all the work put in and send it to everyone who' helped me!! :lol:

It is very exhausting but just breathe, relax, count to 10, enjoy your life and think of the payoff in the end, it really is worth it :!:

very nice,keep it are doing great.those PIF'S look good don't they. :D 8)

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Yay for you !! Keep up the good work! :D

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Great Job! I have also been receiving PIF's lately and it feels wonderful. Stay strong and good luck with the rest of them.

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bmblbe69 bmblbe69

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Way to go!! To all who get PIF and their PDLS taken care of, congrats!! It sure does take a burden off when you can get some relief..karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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For those of you who have borrowed money and turned around and found ways weasel out - Good luck.

Your only kidding yourself. You'll borrow more money and do the same thing. Problem is you do need to come to grips with the fact that you are essentially a thief.

Remember "Thou shalt not steal.". Perhaps you need to get morality check sometime soon.

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