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judgement vacated 1.5 yrs old!!

Submitted by on Fri, 05/01/2009 - 08:51
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here's the deal: I had a default judgement renderred for currrent husbands premarital debt against on this forum and was given awesome advice about vacating..went through the steps and when they failed i pushed further..eventually filed complaints w/ftc and my state ag..guess what? the attorney who wouldn't give me the time of day all of suddent decided it was in his best interests to motion to vacate the judgement in agreeance with my previously submitted motion!! Why the change of heart there bad debt collector? i bet it had something to do with ftc or ag..heheheh...but i will take it my posts under help me vacate deepest thank yous to all who helped me during this guys are awesome!!!! a true definate valuable group of kind well educated individuals genuinely there to help us consumers..god bless...