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Well... update as promised. My debacle's with internet payday lenders CTC, VIP Cash, VC funding, and E-Payday-Loan and new on the scene (from 2005)Quikpayday, ameriloan, and United Cash Loans... (fake applause :roll: )

So here's what I've done so far.

I've closed my bank account totally and BB&T is awesome with not re-opening any account and they are assisting me in reversing some of the charges.

I've told my employer that I screwed up and the wage assignments are NOT valid and they are fully supportive.

I've sent wage assignment revocation letters to all the PDL's I owe (even the 3, now, that showed up out of west bumb-a-hell from 2005).

I've emailed and faxed loan revocation letters to ALL the PDL's stating they are illegal,solicited a Maryland resident anyway, don't contact me, and well bollocks to them. (the letter was so much more eloquently put, but thats how I felt! :lol: )

I've sent several complaints to BBB several times (since these companies have SO many d/b/a's, I figured why not send to all of them!)

I am on 5 of 7 complaints to the Maryland AG office general complaint form. I will be mailing them a copy of letter I sent and constant correspondence I receive from each PDL in the mail as soon as I'm done. I am extremely tired and as specific as I can get for each situation but the complaints I'm writing kind of look like a form letter with the same requests over and over again... :?

Plus as an extra, Utah has a financial regulations office that you can send a complaint to as well... didn't know about that one, but cool to find out.

Is there ANYTHING I'm missing?

I really ought to start getting some "work" work done before I'm jobless :shock:

Sounds like you're well on your way to getting away from the PDLs; a great feeling! Have you contacted the MD Commission on Financial Regulation at all? They've been a help to me. Keep us posted and hang in there!

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eulogy, Wow! that is a whole lot accomplished. And, you are fortunate everyone has been so supportive and cooperative. Please do keep us posted.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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YES ABSOLUTELY THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! This whole forum is totally awesome and informative and I couldn't have gotten by without you guys :cry: 8)

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eulogyforinnocence eulogyforinnocence

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I also live in MD and was having a hard time with Rightaway Financial Group because of a $900 PDL with a payback of $1775. I contacted the State of Maryland Dept of Labor, Licensing and Regulation and worked with ms. Suzanne Elbon from the Enforcement Unit. She sent a letter to this company informing them of their illegal activities with the state of MD and if they are not licensed in the state it is illegal to do PDLs in the state. This letter was sent with the statory provisions for the state. I was supposed to get reimbursed $875 by May 9th. I have not received any money yet. I called Suzanne and she told me that the letter was sent by certified mail to the company at the 3 addresses that was listed but the receipts were returned saying refusal to pick up from post office. The next step is to turn the matter over to the Attorney General Office. So I am in a hold. So far he has sent me checks even though told not too and I sent them to Suzanne for evidence against him. So contact her for assistance with the pdls.

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Hilarious qloot aka VIP cash has sent me 5 more email solicitations telling me that I'm "approved for a loan". You've gotta be kidding me!!! :evil:

The sheer audacity!!! Maybe they think I'll call them with my new account information... NOT!! :twisted:

I'm filling out my last 2 for the AG office. I thought the financial commission and AG office were one in the same... or at least worked together. We'll see how this plays out, we don't get an email confirmation from them like BBB that they received it. So I guess I gotta stay on the ball by getting the paperwork to them. :wink:

AHA now I see the financial regulation commission, part of DLLR. Woo boy they require it in writing? ARGGG!!!! :shock: I'm gonna hafta try that one another day, I'm all pooped out! :oops:

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eulogyforinnocence eulogyforinnocence

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Keep it up, Eulo! From now on just resist that urge to never borrow money from those folks again.

The way I look at it, when you drive by a PDL store, just walk in and hand them a $40, $80, or $90 donation and walk out. Doesn't sound too appealing huh?

UCL also kept on trying to get me to borrow more money after I paid off loans with them. Try hitting the unsubscribe link, and if that doesn't work, just delete it before more temptations set in.

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d-townmike d-townmike

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