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DMS Marketing marking my account PIF and giving the refund

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I have been a "lurker" and have learned alot reading everyones posts. I have been dealing with 4 PDLs. DMS Marketing, USFastcash, Payday Ave, and Geneva Roth. Today I got the waiver letter for a $600 refund and a PIF letter from DMS Marketing. Granted those aren't actually in hand yet but I feel like a winner. The lady I am dealing with is Vedia Johnson. When contacted about the refund I was requesting($600 dollars, I paid $990 for a $300 loan) they wanted to refund $300 dollars. I quoted the laws for my state, which is Wyoming, and the situs laws for the TILA. Next thing I knew they were refunding the amount requested. Vedia was very helpful and polite.
I couldn't have done it with out the info you all post on this site. Thanks so much and I will update the rest of the struggle.


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