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Submitted by on Fri, 04/24/2009 - 17:16
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I finally did it! I paid off my last PDL this week. I had 7 storefront loans totalling almost $5,000. I paid the first 2 off myself and then recently my aunt offered to get me out of some debt (although at the time she was not aware of the nightmare I have been going thru with all these PDLs). I was able to borrow $3,000 from my aunt and then take one of my paychecks to pay off the rest. I have little money in my pocket now but I am sooooo relieved to be free of these loans. I have been borrowing from these storefronts for over a year now! My advice to anyone is this situation is to swallow your pride and ask for help from someone if you are lucky enough to know someone who might be able to help you! I was too embarrassed to let anyone know about what I had done and felt so stupid for paying such high fees over and over again! My aunt feels badly that I didn't come to her sooner to end this nightmare! It was a great feeling to pay off the last PDL, Checksmart...I owed them $990 for a loan I defaulted on...I was scheduled to pay off Monday but I didn't do it until tuesday. Well, my dad and my aunt called me Tuesday morning to tell me Checksmart had contacted them!!! that is the only time a PDL had contacted my references!! I was so glad to go into that store and pay them off and NOT REBORROW!!! I want to thank everyone on this board for the support and advice --- it was comforting knowing I was not the only one out there with this problem. I also learned value lesson in not borrowing from these places again , no matter how bad things get!!!

I'm so happy for you that you got out of this mess! I wish I could say that. I'm getting ready for another payday on Wednesday, where I will travel around to 9 payday loan places and pay my fees and rewrite. I HATE THIS!!!
I pray to God I can get out of this mess. Once I do, I swear I will never enter one of these payday loan places again. I promise.
You are so very lucky you were able to borrow from a family member.

Good luck to you!!


Submitted by on Sun, 04/26/2009 - 19:34

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be10tsy...I know exactly what you are going through...I dreaded every other friday on payday when I had to take hours to travel to all 7 storefronts to pay off and reloan...also, I had the anxiety of thinking for some reason they wouldn't reloan to me...then how would I pay my bills? I couldn't have maintained my sanity through it all without all the support and advice on this forum. I will continue to be a member here to not only learn but to offer advice from personal experience. I wish I would have just defaulted a long time ago on these loans and made arrangements to pay them back instead of running around like crazy for more than a year...I was so afraid of someone finding out about it and ashamed of my stupidity...we all know that smart people also fall victim to this trap...I have a good job, made the dean's list in college and still fell victim :O it is so easy to have these loans snowball on you quickly....I wish all of you the best in getting your situations under control.

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