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Just wanted to update on my Rocky Boy aka PDL Ventures, etc. loan. I wrote awhile ago that I couldn't get in touch w/anyone. I borrowed $300 and they w/drew 4 installments of $90. I had thought they were going to w/draw the entire amount +fees, but that didn't happen. Following the advice on this forum, I asked my bank to put a stop payment on any debit from them at the company level--not the name. The company was using the same number but different names. That worked. I got a couple of calls (I have to admit the woman who left messages was extremely polite). They laughingly said that I owed an additional $490, but if I wanted to send $400 immediately, they'd give me a break. Based on the letter from this forum, I wrote a letter to them, telling them they were illegal in CA, etc. and I submitted complaints to the Better Business Bureau. My desired outcome was to have the account noted as paid in full and no more contact. Within 1 week, I received an email message saying they considered the account paid and apologized. I hope it sticks!!

This forum provided the best advice. I strongly advise others to follow it asap to limit the amount of stress you have to go thru. Good luck.

I received an email message saying they considered the account paid and apologized. I hope it sticks!!

I am jumping for JOY!!! Yeeehaaaaaaawwwww! Keep that email! :D

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Help please...not only did they take out the $90 for about 4 payments. They took at an additional 125. They won't pick up a phone even though I've been on hold for hours. Please help

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you need to close your account.of course they were not take steps to take back control.close that account,and open a new one asap.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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i want to know about my account i can't get through to any one

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this is not a pay day loan company

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