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Okay, Asset Acceptance just contacted me for a 21 year old debt that wasn't right in the first place (Bally's Total Fitness continuing to charge me, despite a contract that allowed me to cancel when I moved more than 25 miles from a facility--A 2 year deployment to the Gulf before/during/after Desert Storm sure fits!)

I've responded with written notification that I dispute the validity of the charge, that it's past the Statute of Limitations, and that they are only to contact me in writing. This type of scam deserves more, though. What are my options? There have been previous winning Class Action suits against Bally over this behavior. Does anyone know of any current cases? Should I go to the Better Business Bureau? Where else. This truly is criminal.

Many thanks!

Even though the SOL for filing suit is over, you still owe the debt. Maybe you didnt file the correct paperwork...who knows. Simply send them a cease and desist in writing.....tell them the debt is time barred and to shove it ....or FOAD as we call it. F^*K Off and Die. They cannot report it, and you dont want to be bothered by them again PERIOD.

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Oh, if only you knew how many people deal with Asset/Bally's accounts. It's absolutely ridiculous and unfounded - even if you owe the debt. Asset just keeps trying to collect even after the SOL has expired. They're wasting their time and money. I agree with Soaplady - FOAD. Period.

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