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Won my case against a collection agency!

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Earlier I posted my story about Harvest Credit Management (but had to delete it on advice from my lawyer) trying to collect a debt they had promised in writing never to collect or sell it again. Plus RPM and Nationwide collection agencies were being naughty. My lawyer sued them all for a total of $30,000 for FDCPA and Harvest for breach of contract. Of course we were willing to settle for much less then that but wanted to have some fun since collection agencies always like to over-inflate amounts.

WELL, after some settlement negotiations we settled with all 3 parties. I will receive $7500 PLUS all attorney fees paid!! To celebrate, i'm buying myself a newer car and taking a nice vacation for once in my life. My life and credit is finally back on track.

Congratulations drjonah

We hope you'll spend more time here and helps others get out of debt by sharing your experience. Take care

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 07/24/2012 - 04:25

Jason Jason

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Congrads! Enjoy your new car!

Sub: #2 posted on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 20:41

bsugradkb bsugradkb

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Thanks folks! Next May is the final circle on my credit calendar, thats when all the negative items on my credit report fall off!

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 07/28/2012 - 02:50

drjonah drjonah

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