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What rights if any does a identity theft victim typically have against a credit card company even after the identity thief had been caught and admitted guilt?

The back story is that I have a friend who's ex stole the identities of her and her parents while they were dating. He opened a number of credit cards under their names which were only discovered because after he was caught by law enforcement for the shady fake businesses that were also created in everyone's names, they started receiving the card statements that were getting stolen from the mail and collections started calling. In court the judge asked why the ex did what they did and it was on record "because it was easy."

So I'm curious that even with this admission of guilt, what grounds does the credit card companies have to continue perusing the family, and what can be done to try to clear this up with the credit companies and get the credit scores fixed?

Did the family members individual file police reports and submit them with the court data to the credit card companies???

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I think her mother was perusing that course of action but I'm not sure. The last I knew is that they were waiting for a couple of outstanding legal issues related to this matter to get settled and they were going to try the bankruptcy route.

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