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not sure where to post this so i figured this was good a place as any. long story short i got in an accident 8 years ago and didnt have insurance "frown". needless to say i was sued by the insurance company of the person i hit. i tried to pay it but things come up. finally they sent it to any attorney and i ended up getting my drivers license suspended. i was able to work out an installment agreement with them to reinstate my license and make monthly payments. so after 3 long years of commitment, 8 years in the making, i finally made my last payment. its a huge stress lifted from my shoulders. moral of the story, it pays to pay your insurance bill. lesson learned.

Well congrats, but I am moving post to the correct forum "[URL=" x.html"]Stories on winning from debt[/URL] ";)

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Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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congrats! i am glad you made through everything :) that was a hard lesson to learn but it is in the past now and you can move forward with all of this behind you now.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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thanks CA and B2ls. i appriciate it. it was a hard lession learned. but your right. i'm done with it now, put it behind me and never worry or think about it again.

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bastoops bastoops

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