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Hello chaps,

Long story short - before starting on these alleged debts, I had more than $4500 spread amongst 2 cards, and I was looking at monthly bills of $200+ per month, which was killing me. I wasn't earning much, and the constant calls/letters were making things worse
Now, not only am I saving that $200 every month, but I have awards in my favor, against those card companies, to the tune of $5000+, accruing interest each month.. You have no idea how much of a relief that is, and how exciting it is to be making money back! I'm not paying them; they're paying me

So if you know anyone who's in the same kind of position, whether that amount is large or small, there's hope

this is a test

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mudskipper3 mudskipper3

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Congratulations! That's fantastic
What next?

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