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I am so happy. Payday-loan-yes. Cleaned out my bank account a couple of weeks ago. Taking a total of $590. I complained to the FTC, BBB, and my states Consumer affairs. I just got a refund of $210. It's not all I requested, but hey, I am not complaining. I am definitly satisfied. However, my question to you, is do I take this further and ask for a PIF? I just don't want them to come back and haunt me again. Thank you for your forum. I finally have some good news to share

if they gave you a refund.they should also mark it PIF.just make sure they can't hit your account again.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I just got an email today from this same company saying they are having a problem with my checking account and to call them or respond to the email right away. What do I do? Ignore them? I just got a refund from them. Is this a trap or something?

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what did you sent to them that prompted you to give them a refund??

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naynernayner naynernayner

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ok, so i need some info on the following companies / and what the maryland laws are for them:

outback bucks
payday loan yes
e-payday loan
500fast cash
cashnet usa
eastside lenders
3b payday loans

i borrowed from some of the, and some of them in the past. i have since changed my checking account information, and they are now calling me all the time. they have started calling my place of employment asking to speak with my supervisor. i originally changed my account information because i was dealing with progressive debt relief, but the fees they were charging were just as bad as the loan companies, and i was told by them that the companies would no longer contact me, well that didn't happen. currently i'm out of work for on medical leave but will return in a couple of weeks, and i know that some of the companies are still calling my employer. i want to handle this situation, but i need to know the steps to take so that they stop calling my job. also, i have to be able to live while making the payments to them. any info/advise would be great. thanks

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I want to know if progressive debt relief is a real company and not one that is taking people's money. Are they really working with the pdl companies to pay back the loans for people who use them?

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