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I am in a uphill battle with the irs. I was audited in 2005, I was told that because my 23 yr daughter lived with me that i wasnt allowed to pay her, i was to give her room room & board in exchange for her working($9000.00 i have to pay on). Although i use more than half of my home for business, i am only being allowed to use what they deyermined. My ex didnt report his unemployment for 3 years(unbeknowing to me) Im being held liable for that. I have had 4 agreements with the irs which defaults because i am barely able to keep up with everyday bills, payments to the irs & the city. (500.00) every time you request a new agreement.I have 3 liens against my home because of it, I am unable to further my business because of this. I cant sleep trying to figure out a way to pay what i owe & only what i owe.I need a remedy

You really need to talk with a tax professional immediately. Did you and your ex filed tax returns jointly?

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