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The year is almost over. I have to pay property tax within few days. Can anyone tell me whether or not I can get some discounts if I pay my property tax in cash? Waiting for a reply.

Have you called your county tax office to ask? Without knowing where you live, we would have no way of knowing?

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Yes, it is true that several municipalities offer discounts to the individuals who pay their property tax within few days of receiving the bill. They also offer discounts if you pay the tax in cash. However, you have to contact your municipality to know whether or not they offer discounts to homeowners paying in cash.

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Absolutely correct Nelly... The municipalities do offer discounts to property owners who pay their taxes in cash. As far as I know, in Miami-Dade County of Florida, paying taxes just a few weeks after receiving the bill will help property owners to get a discount of 4%. The discount is decreased by 1% each month until March.

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