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My wages have been garnished and my tax refund taken

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My wages have been garnished and my tax refund taken for a while now and I need it to stop. I'm now married with a baby and I need the money they take every year. I have Stafford loans that are unpaid and I can't seem to find any information on them to set up a payment plan. I go to AES web site and they say my balance is zero?? Please help me and my family from my mistake when I was young!!

When was the loan taken? Consult with the authorities first

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Try to rehabilitate your loan where you have to make 9 monthly payments in 10 consecutive months. Don't lose your hope yet. The loan servicer will set a repayment plan based on the 15% of your discretionary income.

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talk to your difficulties and financial hardship to the authority. Try to convince them to forgive the loan. Try to get a financial help or grant from govt. Are you a single parent?

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