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The new tax bill that will begin from Jan 1st is good or not. Any idea anyone ?

As far as I know, the new tax bill will help people in saving money from a number of tax hikes that will start from 1st January and will add more than a year of benefits for those who are long-term unemployed.

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Number of tax hikes! Please be kind to explain with examples. Also, how long do we need to stay unemployed in order to qualify for such benefits?

Sub: #2 posted on Wed, 12/22/2010 - 03:03


People who are employed will see a 2% reduction in their social security taxes, resulting in more $$$ in their paycheck. Unemployment benefits have been extended for those whose benefits ran out. Check your state's unemployment site as to how long benefits are payable. The current tax rates will be extended another 2 years, holding off any tax increases for now.

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It seems so soft on us to have more out of our SS tax savings. Some of us might also get relieved to have the same tax rate for another 2 years. But, where do we see the aftermath of all such good decisions? Isn't there a fallout?

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