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Hi: I have a question on State tax. I live in Maryland and had my 2007 taxes go to Collections with a company called FAMS. My husband is still unemployed and no longer collecting unemployment insurance and I am the only one bringing in money. After we pay rent, utilities, car and so on, there is not much left. I wrote them a letter about a month ago telling them of my situation and broke down my paycheck and where it goes. Should I tell them I cannot pay now until my husband gets back to work? Can they take any other actions? Please help. Thanks

I would do the following: go to their website and see if they have a financial information form, download it, fill it out and send it to them. Like any government agency, they have their red tape to deal with and although you broke down your paycheck, things will probably go easier if you fill out their paperwork.
It also depends on how much you owe them: the larger amount owed, the more agressive they are likely to be. Finally, get their toll-free number and call them directly once you've filled out the form. If they can't devise a payment plan that you can work with, see if there is a taxpayer advocate that you can go to to act on your behalf. Keep us posted!

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kscornell kscornell
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Thanks so much kscornell. I hope I don't sound to ignorant on this:). I looked on the website for FAMS and they do not have paperwork to break down your paycheck. Do you think I should call them to see if they can provide one? I do not know anyone that could act in my behalf, so I just have to tackle this situation. Thanks so much for your help

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sqrlrmn sqrlrmn

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Yes, I would definately call them--poss they don't have the forms on line? And by taxpayer advocate, I mean an office they have there for taxpayers to go to when problems haven't been resolved in the usual manner. Definately work with them first and if they don't help, ask if they have a program like that. Some states call it an ombudsman, so ask for that as well. Good luck!

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kscornell kscornell
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Thanks again:)...I am going to do that first thing Monday. I will let you know what happened. Have a nice weekend..and bless you for the advice:)

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sqrlrmn sqrlrmn

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It is called a financial statement, and it is a lot more than "breaking down your paycheck"
You need receipts to prove your expenses

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