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Unemployment Bank garnishment while jobless

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Ok so in 2009 i went to jail for 8 days when i got out i went to my employer. they said they got someone to cover my shifts and since business was slow they would hire me back when it picked back up. I said well im gonna call unemployment do i say i was laid off he said yes. I now know should have gotten that in writing. i collected unemployment for quite some time my employer fought against it and was denied. then they appealed and won so i have to pay it back. I am currently unemployed from my oilfield work in the state of alaska and have been collecting unemployment from alaska direct deposited into my wells fargo bank account. Washington state ESD sent an order to withhold and deliver and my bank i guess deniedc them but charged me a fee so now im in the hole. My bank will hardly tell me anything at all. Can unemployment from one state garnish your account while on unemployment from another? Does my bank have to give me all the info they have on this and what they have filled out and sent to the garnisher?

So was your unmployment garnished or not?? From my understanding they cannot levy unemployment .

Any time the legal department of WF gets involved, there is likely to be a fee involved. Have you talked to their legal department for the info you are looking for>

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They sent me the blank form that they were suppose to fill out and return i have no idea what they put on it but they did not give them any money cause after they charged me the 125.00 legal order processing fee and my pending charges posted i was in the negative i am going into the bank tomorrow to see if i can at least get the overdraft fees removed. Would calling washington benefit payment control and telling them im unemployed prevent them from trying again or should i fill out an Exemption claim form and send it to them. I was thinking i should do that with my bank anyway. I had to call the bank 3 times and talk to different people before they told me it was their fee i was charged then i got transferred to the legal dept where i was able to have them send me that blank order to with hold and deliver form. WF was being pretty wishy washy. I stopped my direct deposit just incase the levy was still in place

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