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Harassing Telephone Calls/Miss Information

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Company/Individual reported: Universal Fidelity Corp

I have been receiving calls at my home number for over six (6) months now. Each time they leave a message for an "unpronoucable" name. It sounds as if it might me Hindi (Indian)?
Each time I have received this message I have contacted the caller and informed them that they must have a wrong telephone number. They have promised to remove my number on at least five occassions.
I received another call today. I contacted the company and spoke with a customer rep who gave his name as "Robin". He was rude and condesending and told me that my number could not be removed, then said it was not in the system, then said that he removed it. I asked to speak to a manager. "Robin" after much arguing told me that their managers had better things to do than to talk to me. He did forward me to a female who gave her name as "Nikki", she was little better and stated that she would remove the number but did not want to hear anything else. She also told me tha the call was being recorded (?) and hung up. I feel that this company is harassing me for a debt owed by someone not living here now or at least not with this telephone number in the past 1.5 years. I have asked several times that they correct the problem and have met with ill treatment and no action. I have been able to determine that this company is listed as a collection agency in California, Texas, Florida and Ohio. Again these calls are misdirected and the cognizant parties appear to be unwilling to take corrective action on this matter. If the BBB is unable to assist please direct me to what agency might best be able to assist.

The Attorney General's office.

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dcashwell3 dcashwell3

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Hi, welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about your troubles with this company. This company isn't new with complaints either. I would contact the BBB and the FTC and lodge a formal complaint.

If the calls continue, ask for the collectors name, and inform them the call is being recorded, they have the wrong number, that you've filed a complaint, and your next step is to make a police report against the company.

I would also view the contact information about Universal Fidelity, and perhaps trying to contact them again to be reassured that your number is being removed.

Please let us know of the outcome.


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