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Prize of $100 for our community review in local newspaper

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Hi friends,

Here is an exciting opportunity for you to win a cash prize worth $100. All you have to do is just make some arrangements so that your local newspaper reviews our community.

Isn't it an interesting offer and that too when you are celebrating Christmas? So, just come forward and earn by giving us your favor.

Looking forward to your participation.


Update: October 2, 2009
Vikas: Reduced the amount to $100.


I'm curious about this cash prize. Exactly what do I have to explain to the newspaper so they review the community. Do they need to publicize the forums?


Sub: #1 posted on Fri, 12/30/2005 - 06:30

Teleport Teleport

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Hi Mike

You might be having an idea about the different problems faced by the community members over here. Every day, some type of unfair collection is being reported or some creditors are trying to scam people. Altogether, these activities are disturbing the normal lifestyle of the people.

You need to frame a summary of these activities and keep it in front of the newspaper agency. Tell them that this forum is a platform where they can interact with these puzzled consumers and get acquainted to their experiences. Your summary might tempt them to review this community and publish it in their newspaper. Mike, once you have done this, you will be rewarded for your noble efforts towards the community and introducing it to a bigger area.

Hope you will take this sweet initiative. :D


Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 12/30/2005 - 13:02

Mike Mike

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Hi Mike (or whoever can answer this question!)

So after we get an article published, what happens then? Do we send somebody here a copy of the newspaper, or a link to an article online? How does that work? I am determined to do this, so please let me know :lol:

~Mary :)

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 03/02/2006 - 11:00

Mary Mary

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Hi Mary,

It's good to see that you are trying hard to popularize our community. Once your local news paper reviews this place or publish article on debt consolidation Care community, as you said, contact Vikas or myself mentioning the link to that online resource or whatever information you have.

Needless to say that you will be rewarded for this noble effort as I have said earlier. Let us know if you have any more queries.

Best Regards,

Sub: #4 posted on Thu, 03/02/2006 - 12:26

Mike Mike

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Thanks for your answer, Mike! I e-mailed the editor of the local paper, and I'm sure I will get a response soon. I have a way with words ;)


Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 03/02/2006 - 14:23

Mary Mary

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I am a freelance writer. If I can do this, how do I submit the article to you so I can have a chance at a cash prize??

Sub: #6 posted on Sat, 03/25/2006 - 09:52

ashboynes ashboynes

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Just post under this topic the link to the newspaper website which has the article and will send you $1000 by paypal or check.

Sub: #7 posted on Sun, 03/26/2006 - 05:11

Vikas Vikas

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Hi I was wondering if getting an article published or a paragraph or two about the website in a magazine works as well? PLease let me know!


Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 04/14/2006 - 17:15


Xtina, first join this board. It will open a window of scopes. You will get lots of good friends around too.

I think the article should come online as well. However, you can contact the site admin to know in details at Vikas(at)

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 04/14/2006 - 17:22

stella stella

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Sorry I forgot to log in previously but I was wondering if the article can be in a magazine as well, also what type of form does it need to be in can it be in a letter to the editor or an actual article written by someone of that company? Thanks for letting me know! :)

Sub: #10 posted on Tue, 04/25/2006 - 13:28

xtina1018 xtina1018

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