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Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC is a client of PRS. Need more info

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Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLc
Listed with Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business License# 2000669.597
101 Convention Center Dr. Ste#-850 Las Vegas,NV
this company operates out of this address using several different names and several different business license numbers
Owners Frank J Hanna and son Darell T Hanna owns several business in Atl,Ga also
List of businesses owned
Worldwide assets Management LLc
Worldwide Asset Collection,LLc
Buy Debtco,LLc
The Debt Depot,LLc
Asset Derct Morgage,LLc
Worldwide Asset,Inc.
West Corporation
West Receivable Servicees,Inc.
So Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC me listed in Mareitta, Ga , Las vegas, NV.,Atl,Ga. :x

Well, beings this is a 3rd party collector you can send them a validation letter demanding that they prove this debt is yours, but is has to be within a 30 day window of receiving a letter from them stating they are attempting to collect a debt. I am moving this to the Dealing with Creditors and collection agencies forum so more people will see this and be able to help you. What state are you in?

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Oh never mind, I can't move this since it's a part of another thread. Perhaps you could start a new one in the correct forum:

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And never mind again, strike my first answer, I didn't realize you had a company negotiating for you, I will let someone else answer you that knows how to deal with this situation.

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Oh and, you can look on the N.A.C.A. website for an Attorney close to you.

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Please help me anyone!!!
A law office (Harris & Zide) has sued us recently on behalf of Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC for a debt of $4,737.69, with the Bank of America. We contacted Credit Solutions, a company we hired to consolidate all our debts, to look into this and they communicated with the law office who agreed that we settled such debt on a monthly basis, first with a $500 deposit, a $300 monthly payment, plus attorneys fees, plus filling fees, plus cost of suit and plus accrued interests of 10% from this year until the whole total is paid. It also is demamding me to provide all private informations to them such as our SS#, DL#, home and work addresses, banks and bank account #'s, cars and their license numbers.

With this payment set-up, it will, more than less, plunge my family into deeper debts since I'm the only one who's working and my income barely make ends meet.

I want to check the legitimacy of this whole thing but I have no money to hire my own lawyer. Does any of you know lawyers who help for gratis? Or, is there an alternative way.

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I had a credit card when I first joined the military back in 2001. I (in my youthful stupidity) cut up the credit card. Well, in 2004 I was contacted by Gerald E. Moore and made a payment plan with them.

Now I have just received a summons to court on behalf Velocity of Investments saying I owe $1500. Does anyone have information on Velocity?

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i received a letter stating that i owe your company over three thousand dollars, but that's all the information i was given in regards to this letter.

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Victor, I think you have the wrong impression of us. We are a community of consumer advocates, focused on assisting with debt problems. Not a collection company.

If you'd like help, we'll be glad to do what we can, but we'll need some info to work with. Can you share the state you live in, the type of debt [credit card, student loan, etc], and the date of last activity on the account [last payment or charge you made]? No personal information, please. The info I've requested will let us start to give you some alternatives.

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I'm new member.

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I was served a summons for a judgement.Had a credit card i did default on but they say I owe 5700.00, I know that is at least 1600.00 more than I owed. When I first received the letter from worldwide I sent them a letter requesting proof of amount owed and a copy of my signed agreement with Direct Merchants Bank. I never received answer but then a different company representing worldwide sent me another letter, I again asked for proof of amount and signed agreement never heard again but now I have 21 days to reply to being sued. What do I do next?

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