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Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC is a client of PRS. Need more info

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Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLc
Listed with Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business License# 2000669.597
101 Convention Center Dr. Ste#-850 Las Vegas,NV
this company operates out of this address using several different names and several different business license numbers
Owners Frank J Hanna and son Darell T Hanna owns several business in Atl,Ga also
List of businesses owned
Worldwide assets Management LLc
Worldwide Asset Collection,LLc
Buy Debtco,LLc
The Debt Depot,LLc
Asset Derct Morgage,LLc
Worldwide Asset,Inc.
West Corporation
West Receivable Servicees,Inc.
So Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC me listed in Mareitta, Ga , Las vegas, NV.,Atl,Ga. :x

2000 credit limit in 04m, spent 1850, late payment and it went over 2000, paid 600 in cash at bank they "cant find", now interest raised it up to 6100, made automatic payments of 150 a month for 9 months then they stoped collecting and said they can now only settle for the full payment of 4300 and they dont have my account anymore and told me to call WWAP to see who has my account now, iknow BoA doesnt, i live in sc and am 25, what do i do? help please

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I have a question. I am in the process of trying to get a mortgage, so I got a copy of my credit report. Bank of America is on there for a credit card I had. It had a $3000 limit and it is up to $7027 on my report. In addition to this, Worldwide Asset is also on my report, as they purchased the debt from Bank of America. Worldwide Asset says I owe $7109.

My question is...can both of these be listed on my report legally? They are for the same original debt. It seems to me, that if Worldwide purchased the debt, then Bank of America should have been removed. Am I correct?

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The OC and a JDB (CA) are both allowed to report until federal reporting period of 7.5 years expires.

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I am being sued by Worldwide Asset Purchasing, II, LLC for the amount of $2,147.91. This company resides in Nevada according to the summons paper that I got and the person that will be representing WWAP is Rory W. Clark. According to the summons, this company bought the debt from BoA, NA, USA and I have never even heard of WWAP until now nor have I signed any documents with them. Yes I have some debts that I haven????????t payed off but the amount that they are asking for is not what I recall. What should I do? Should I ask for any documents? If so, who who should I ask? I????????ve been trying to find a website or a phone number of this company but it seems like their number is not updated or no where to be found. Should I contact their representative for all this information? I have read many people who have gone through this same experience over the web and I would just like to know what I can do to either prevent this or make the amount lower. I can????????t hire a lawyer because I have no job and is currently going to school. Please help me.

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I came to know of new facts about WORLDWIDE ASSET PURCHASING from your site and all this was unknown to me.

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Hello, I recently paid a debt off with your organization the 11th of August, for a Aspire account I never received a confirmation letter, nor was the credit breauas updated of this matter. I'm asking you please to send a letter or email confirming the pay off.

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i newbie plz how us the baton "add me"?

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I looked this company up, Worldwide Asset Purchasing, because I received a letter in the mail saying that the Claimant requested the matter to be dismissed. I was trying to find out where the debt originally came from, and why it was just dismissed? Has anyone else received anything like this? And if so, what did you do?

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Worldwide Asset Purchasing is a major fraud and shake-down firm. I received a letter from a law firm operating in my state demanding $7,000 for a debt on behalf of Worldwide. I do not owe this money, it is an instance of mistaken identity by them, (name similarity to mine).

Their law firm refuses to provide any information or details of the supposed debt when requested, just constant demands for payment of the money "or else". Worldwide will not provide any details of the debt, citing federal privacy laws, and insists that I provide very personal information and my financial details to them inorder to prove that I am not the person responsible for the original debt.

As soon as my attorney puts a stop to one collection effort, Worldwide refiles under another shell company and starts the demand/collection process all over again.

I would urge everyone to contact their State Attorney General's office and file a complaint, as well as the Better Business Bureau; Consumer Fraud Office and State Bar Association about these parasites and their willing puppets.

I would love to see a class action suit to put these people out of business forever and strip them of all ill-gotten money they have cocered through fraud and threats.

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I have never hear of this company before, The filed a judgment against me. Who are these people

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