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Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC is a client of PRS. Need more info

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Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLc
Listed with Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business License# 2000669.597
101 Convention Center Dr. Ste#-850 Las Vegas,NV
this company operates out of this address using several different names and several different business license numbers
Owners Frank J Hanna and son Darell T Hanna owns several business in Atl,Ga also
List of businesses owned
Worldwide assets Management LLc
Worldwide Asset Collection,LLc
Buy Debtco,LLc
The Debt Depot,LLc
Asset Derct Morgage,LLc
Worldwide Asset,Inc.
West Corporation
West Receivable Servicees,Inc.
So Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC me listed in Mareitta, Ga , Las vegas, NV.,Atl,Ga. :x

As a first step, have you checked your credit reports? You'll be able to see if they're reporting and what the debt actually is.

Sub: #81 posted on Fri, 10/24/2008 - 07:02

debrag_25 debrag_25

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:evil: Worldwide asset just claimed that I owe a debt that I don't I don't understand. its 2000 dollars what should i do

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Hi Msprofessional24 -

How were you contacted [mail or phone]? And what did they say you owed them for? If you could give me some specifics, I'll be able to assist you better.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Tell the operator what you're calling about (like a past due credit card ballance with Bank of America). He should transfer you to the correct department. For example, if your limit was $6,000 but they want to collect a total of $10,000, claim poverty and get them to subtract the $4,000 interest. This will take hours (multiple phone calls) of arguing. Once you get them to do that, tell them $6,000 is still too much for you to pay. In theory you should be able to settle for 4 or 5K (if you're a really good negotiator). Good Luck. I hope this information helps some of you.


11808 Miracle Hills Dr.
Omaha, NE 68154
General Inquiries:

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I, too, have been having problems with WWAP. Years back, they kept contacting me on a debt. I was not in a good, mental frame of mind at the time but tried to deal with them. I asked them to send me paperwork on the debt, which I never recieved. At the time, it was being handled by Gerald Moore. They sent me a letter, offering a settlement, that stated that I had about a month to advise them if I wanted to take the settlement but I needed to call to let them know. I did call them to ask them what address to send a cashier check or money order to (in researching, there were MANY addresses). During the conversation, the guy that I talked to stated that they needed to have payment by midnight that night to guarantee the arrangement. He stated that they needed a credit card or my checking acct. number. I told him that I didn't have a credit card & he had the nerve to tell me to get someones! I advised him that I was looking at the letter that they had sent & I had over 3 wks to acknowledge it. He started getting nasty about it. I then told him that I wanted to talk to the person that signed that letter. Well, guess what? It is a "dummy, standard" name.
I didnt hear from them for awhile. Then a few weeks ago, I get a summons. This is the first that I had received anything from them in a few years. My daughter's boyfriend is staying in my house & they served it to him. In looking online, I found that they took this to court in Feb. 2008 & it was dismissed without prejudice. I NEVER even knew about this. It even says there was no summons. Then in looking at this recent filing, it says that they left the summons with my husband. I am NOT married & haven't been in 26 yrs. IF, I remember this was for 2000.00 or less & now the amount is almost 8000.00.
I have no idea where to even go with this or what to do. I can't remember what date it was but know that it is close to 10 yrs old. I am in Missouri. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I am under the understanding this company is now involved in a class action lawsuit.

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I recieved a summons as I stepped out of my car,delivered by a sheriffs deputy.I do not know these ppl,and they are the plantiff in this 2004 I went into default on one of my credit cards,my state has a 5yr sol,these ppl claim I owe 7300.00 on a 4,000 debt.I am on social security,the atty is David Gamace out of court date is 3/4/09,what should I do

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I just researched the statue of limitations for Mo it is 5yrs.

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Yes, it is going to Circuit Court in Missouri. It goes to court on 3/10/3009. I, too, was served by David Gamache in St. Louis. If the statute of limitations is 5 yrs. What date do they determine that from?

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I just got served Civil Court papers. ANyone actually go to court with Worldwide Asset? What am I suppose to do?

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