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Information reqd on Wyse Financial Service, Inc.

Submitted by on Fri, 11/04/2005 - 16:35
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Has anyone dealt with Wyse Financial? My creditor is about to send my account to them. I am panicking.

Don't let your accounts go to collections? It will be much better if you can deal with your creditors at this situation.

Collections are a negative remark that will stay on your file for 7 years from the date of reporting. Even if you have paid the debt later, it will be still considered a negative patch which you will slightly improve by paying it off.

But if you have this situation to deal with your creditors right now, do not wait for the accounts to go into collections.

Submitted by ben on Fri, 11/04/2005 - 16:40


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I saw your inquiry about Wyse Financial Services. I personally have recenttly been dealing with these people. In my case, I find no track record what so ever on my credit reports of all three reporting agencies about the claim. I am uncertain of the debt, the amount, as well the creditor trying to collect. I want to know this info as well any other info pertaining to this debt and the collection process???

Submitted by on Mon, 10/01/2007 - 15:13

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I just started dealing with Wyse Financial two weeks ago and I swear, they will NEVER see any of my money. All they are known for is stealing people's money and threatening people to make them pay. A man by the name of Mike Shaver called today and because I wasn't home when he called, he got rude with my fiancee and it was uncalled for. I will not be bullied in to paying anyone. Especially when I know nothing of the "debt" that they claim that I owe. Don't send ANY money or bank information to them.

Submitted by on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 16:05

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