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Can a collection agency freeze my bank account?

Submitted by denobert on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 21:27

A collection agency has threatened to freeze my account if I don’t pay them within Halloween. Can they do that? Please suggest.

Have they filed a lawsuit against you? They cannot freeze your bank account without a garnishment order. Check if they have a filed a lawsuit against you. Secondly, do you even owe the amount. Giving false threats about lawsuits is illegal.

Submitted by David Martin on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 23:22

David Martin

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Always remember that it's not possible to garnish your wages without a valid court order. The collection agencies might threaten you to freeze your accounts but it's impossible without a court judgment.
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Submitted by Craigh.terry on Sun, 10/18/2020 - 21:32


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