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My wife and I have 30,000 in credit card debt. We were fine until I lost my job and had to take a job making less money. We also had twins during this time. Right now we are stable but because we did not pay any of our bills for 3+ months, we have no way of catching up. We can only afford $200 a month payments to start. We are working very hard to bring in more money. My question is would debt consolidation work for me being that right now, we only have 200.00 dollars a month?

Hi guest,

Welcome to the forums. Though the financial consultant working with you will be able to do the proper calculations about your monthly payment, but I assume that 200.00 dollars a month will be acceptable.

When your financial condition improves, you can contribute more to erase this debt quickly.

To get started with this program, please fill in the sign up form and get in touch with the consultant in your locality. I hope that you get all these debt problems solved within a short time.


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roxette roxette

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Hi guest

Welcome to debt consolidation care forums

Your credit card debt of $30000 can be reduced through debt consolidation program to a great extent. In a debt consolidation program your total debt will be reduced by 40% to 60%.In addition all late fees as well as interest charges will be reduced or eliminated. Further you should immediately register yourself with a debt consolidation company and the debt consultant of that company will negotiate with your creditor to draw up a payment plan which will be well within your limits. Please ask the debt consultant to keep the monthly repayment plan within $200.

Please do not stress yourself out. Hope you will find this information useful
Please feel free to write back with further queries


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peter peter

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My fiance has about 35,000 in debt. He is barely making ends meet now for he cannot find a full time job. We need help.

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I found a company in Florida that worked very well for me to settle 40k in debt. My credit went down for about a year but I was able to pay off all the debt within a year because they reduced the total amount to 18,000 with no interest. Now my credit is back to where it was before. They didn't charge any goofy fees upfront and I had control of my money during the entire time I was in the program. Send me an email if you want and I can get you in touch with them and give you some more info on how they worked for me. My email is removed by Shazzers per TOS rules

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