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I just joined the forum, and I wondered if anyone else had a problem quite like mine. You see, I have been in the process of getting divorced for nearly two eyars now, and i really can't afford a lawyer or anything to expedite the process, thanks to my low income and too high for comfort debt.

You see, while we were married, I paid all off the essential bills (housing, utilities, food), while my ex paid the phone bill (including cell and DSL for his computer) and gas for his car. He made $11.50 an hour as opposed to my $7 an hour, and I had no idea what he did with the rest of his money, as the student loan and credit card people were constantly calling him about his accounts. During this time, I had to juggle utilities, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and I had to defer my own student loans and pay most of the bills by credit card.

By the time my ex moved out and in with his new fiancee, both of my credit cards were maxed out, my student loans were in deferment, and it was all I could do just to pay housing and utilities.

As soon as I could, I contacted Discover card, because their minimum payment was more than I could afford (after taxes, I bring home less than $1000 a month). When I asked to close the account and see about paying a smaller amount (what I could afford) until i could get things on an even keel financilly, the woman I talked to was extremely rude and unkind. She reminded me that doing this would "look horrible on [my] credit," and I replied, "What will look worse on my credit report: me closing the account and paying what I can, or me not paying anything on the account at all?" She was rude and pushy, but she finally agreed to close the account and let me pay $50 a month for a year. She was about as helpful as dropping a hammer on my foot. =/

I look at my statement and I shudder, because she said that I'd still have interest building up...and I do, and it isn't pretty.

Is Discover Card uncooperative when it comes to trying to settle debt, or did I just go about it the wrong way? *shakes head* I'm stuck, and it looks like I'm going to need some professional help to be able to get out of this quagmire.

Credit cards can charge over the limit fees and late fees if he is late paying every month. You said he is paying $50.00 every need to check and see if his payments are on time, if they are then they should not be charging late fees. If his payments are late, maybe you can rearrange your budget to start paying earlier each month, by the due date. You can also call Discover and ask them if they are willing to lower the interest rates for you for a little while, they did when I asked so it is worth a try for you.

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I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the rude and pushy person you dealt with over your Discover account was someone I used to work with. Protocol Recovery Service contracts with Discover.

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Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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my husband just paying discover card 85,00 this month of august 2006 and the man from discover card wants 240,00.i need time and i go to convince my husband to put all his bills with debt consolidation care.i want to see if the attorney general of florida go to make citybank to pay for some bills he has here because of citybank overcharged him for 18 years with all types of fees .my only wish is that the attorney general of florida make justice for my husband.(we have to wait 60 days but we have a case already)i dont believe that people that he is paying every month continue harassed him for more money!!a man blind and mentally ill with 623,00 a month and he is paying all his bills. my family is helping me to help him with his bills and i hope this people sttoped to call here at 8pm to ask for more money.if he didnt care he goes to bancarrota.if i live him he dont go to eat for pay this people.a normal person just with this salary and disability never would believe he can pay this not fare people just is stealing a lot of money of a poor man that believe that accounts from 88 and without credit cards and not in credit reports from long time are valid accounts.ask citibank how they do that.

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Hi Tania!

Please, report these people!

There is absolutely no reason that you should take this kind of abuse..You don't deserve this.

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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discover card is charging 23.60 for Payment Protection PPD1877-883-1959.(exorbitant pRICE FOR A PPD).discover is giving 48 cents of cash charge is husband paid a 100,00 october 2,2006payment thank yoU.OCTOBER 4-06 0VERLIMIT FEE IS 39.00.THE BILL IS 2675.98 AND MINIMIUM PAYMENT DUE IS 101.00.IS NOT FAIR BECAUSE A 1 DOLLAR LESS YOU HAVE TO PAY 39,00.(overlimit fee).my husband is blind and these people of discover card told him to pay 100,00.I THINK I UNDERSTAND GOOD AND I KNOW I HAVE TO TAKE ENGLISH 101 IN THE UNIVERSITY FOR WRITE BETTER EnglISH.i'm so good in matematics.

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I don't understand. If $23.60 is too much then cancel this payment protection plan. There is always a charge for being over the limit, and it is to keep you from going over your budget and charging a fee for this is the way the banks make money. I agree it doesn't seem fair to charge such high fees for going over the limit, but they are a business making money. To avoid further conflict and to avoid hurting your standing with this company pay the $101.

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Discover card has a matrix they follow to settle on debts .There are some months they dont even settle on accounts most of the time you need to be over 120 days delenquent or employees are not even allowed to discuss a settlement at all .And I mean say anything at all about them ! it is a good company and they are very fair being on the phones there for ten years most of the time what I found was customers calling in and making demands , yelling as soon as you say hello and telling you what to do instead of asking for help and being polite .I had a lady call in and say This is XXX gave an account number she was only 50 days behind she said we are settling with her for 500.00 on a 15,000 dollar bal and take it or leave it .People have to understand we are regulated by the government and we have laws we have to follow we cant just do that .Most of the time we are willing to help if you calm down dont call them and tell them what they are going to do .They dont have to settle with you or help you at all .If you are over 60 days behind ask for a program but most people who complain are unreasonable.

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I'm really angry with discover card.
Today,saturday at 8:32 am this
Telephone from discovery card call
My husband and stay quiet in the phone
(801-9022091).mute caller with a bad
Intention to harassed my husband
Blind and mentally ill that already
Paid discover card a 60,00 in 6-01-07
And i have a letter here from discover
That i received yesterday in the mail.

Http:// /lookup/8019022091

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tsacgiv tsacgiv

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I told people in who called us that i told the mute caller from discover card that called today at
8:30 am in this saturday morning that
i will write a complaint about them in debt consolidation care forum
And i will put this number in who called us?
801-9022091 with more complaints.
Just now at 10 am they call again.
Mute caller again.
They just call at 10:am in miami.
69* service bell south told me the number is
801 902 2091.

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tsacgiv tsacgiv

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I cannot believe it discover card call again here.
3 calls already and maybe they go to call a 100 times here today.i go to call their number with a computer here.
My telephone was out of hook and i put back the telephone here and now i took from hook again.

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tsacgiv tsacgiv

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