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We welcome you to be a part of the debt consolidation forum and add quality presence to our community. But there are certain rules and limitations you need to abide by.


1. Participate with a fair mindset.
2. No spamming allowed.
3. Do not indulge in unsolicited advertising.
4. Introductions of new sites or directories are prohibited.


5. You may not have more than one link from the same page.
6. Links from gambling, dating, pornographic, or any site that deals with anti-social activities or those that harm the interest of the nation and the home site are strictly banned.


7. You are not allowed to criticize any other forum or any forum member or speak against them any derogative words. The posts including such content will not be entertained.


8. Self promotional links are also not allowed.
9. The admin heads of our forum may decline or delete any links at any time if they feel it is in the best interest of the forum to do so. They are not liable to answer or put forward any explanation for their action. They can do so without any prior notice.


10. No forum member is allowed to post the content from another forum. It is a must to edit it in your own words before posting it. Any copied articles will be removed instantly.

The debt consolidation care team expects and trusts that the forum community members will abide by the above mentioned rules and be an active participant in our journey towards a debt free world.

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