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AMO Recoveries - What allegations have people made against them?

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Has anyone heard of AMO Recoveries in Norcross, GA? According to the BBB they have an unsatisfactory record. I received an AMO debt collection notice for $32.02 on a credit card and all the letter states is that AMO Recoveries has been informed that the account is past due, and DO YOU INTEND ON PAYING THIS DEBT? Their address is 7067 W Broward Blvd. Suite C Plantation, Florida 33317. I think a debt validation letter is in order. If anyone has heard of AMO Recoveries, please let me know.

Mom of Twins 2

Stop the collection agency from calling at your place of work. The company is required to follow the federal laws after receiving your cease and desist letter. Send your letter through certified mail and keep the receipt in your file. You need to have everything documented if you are thinking of filing a legal case against them in the future. Read the FDCPA and know more about your legal rights while dealing with the collection agencies.

Sub: #11 posted on Fri, 06/09/2006 - 13:45

Gretchin Gretchin

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maybe you guys should just pay your bills on time?

Sub: #12 posted on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 15:41


We do it buddy, maybe you should practice some decent collections in the first place? :wink:

Sub: #13 posted on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 16:18

Justme Justme

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Why do you people keep coming in here telling us to pay our bills ontime? You know absolutely nothing about us, or what our situation is.

Sub: #14 posted on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 16:20

Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Common Sense,

Maybe you cannot read what the posts are truly about. People here are NOT trying to get out of their debts. They come here seeking advice after dealing with a nasty collection agency. Just because someone owes a debt, it does not give the CA a right to violate the fdcpa laws and to harass the consumer. Now, do you always pay your bills on time? Maybe you should not judge UNTIL you have walked in someone else's shoes. Now shoo!

Sub: #15 posted on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 17:53


Common Sense...Did you ever hear the phrase "Sh** Happens?" Thing happen, and you can't always control it.

Pray that you don't get into a car accident and have over $20,000 in medical bills and everyone wants their money NOW. Including your regular living expenses-rent, utilities, etc.

Yes, there are bums out there that take advantage, but not all of us. Just like their are awesome HUMAN collectors out there..You won't see me lumping THEM into one group with the bad ones, you shouldn't lump us together either.

Come back when you have something to say that's constructive. Until then, stay out of our hair.

Sub: #16 posted on Wed, 06/21/2006 - 16:13

Jessi Jessi

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I am having similar issues and I am doing CCC I am still getting letters from them Any ideas? :evil:

Sub: #17 posted on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 12:49


Tazman, explain a bit more about your situation so that we can offer you a suitable advice. Every case requires a different approach. Tell us in details about your problems with AMo recoveries.

Sub: #18 posted on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 13:04

BuildingWealth BuildingWealth

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Lol i love that response tammy i hear it so much....let me ask you something tammy....can i borrow 1000.00 my car will break down tomorrow, and then my cat will die, then ill have to go to the dentist and you know i have no insurance cause im living off th goverment baby...youlll get your money back lets say in two years...but i only feel i owe you 1000.00 and no intrest...and possibly on that date i might have my phone disconnected...your crazy if you cant affor to pay the credit back or pay for services remvered why would you try to use it

Sub: #19 posted on Tue, 07/18/2006 - 22:37


Tazman you should rethink ccc trust me on this one they are glorified accountants non profit my ass they charge you to pay your bills, had you set up the arrangement you wouldnt be gwetting letters, find out what the ccc is paying your creditor after they take their fee chances are they are only paying like 10.50 a month seriously if you have intrest accruing accounts you will neever be debt free...why do you need them to do something you can do yourself for free...where do you think they get the money to pay their employees...i would take matters in my own hands if i were you it would save a lot of money and far as amo what state do you live in if its washington and the office your getting letters is from washington office they only need to find ur employer and current adress to garnish 25% of your wages ans all you have to owe is 150.00 i used to work their so i know a little...i suggest you just call and try resolving it on ur own the ccc is the biggest scam ever..seriously aske them for a statement...flip it on them ask what they are paying monthly and what are you paying them some take the money up from and then start paying ur creditors...i saw one one time cost somone 600.00 then once that was paid the monthly pmt was divided between the creditors they dont want that to happen to you???

Sub: #20 posted on Tue, 07/18/2006 - 22:47


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