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I want to sue my bank for the unfair practices

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I want to sue my bank for unfair practices in charging me thousands of dollars in overdrafts and finance charges over the past 5 years. I have been charged $35.00 for 2.00 item. Then there is a snowball effect. I started adding them up and it is ridiculous how much money they have made off of me. I am on disability and can barely make it. I even had insurance on my account when I was off work and they charged me. Also had credit card and they didn't have it linked until I noticed and complained but they never corrected those charges either. Where do I start to sue them for unreasonable charges.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly, get all your documents together and write a letter to your State Banking and Insurance Dept., they will decide if the bank acted unfairly. You might want to send it to the Attorney General's office as well.

All banks are regulated and if they have acted inappropriately, these agencies will take action on your behalf, that is why they are there.

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Your first step would be to be able to show that you have tried to work out these peoblems before hand. Have you filed a complaint? Do you have any documentation? I would definitely file with the OCC before thinking of filing a law suit. You are going to need proof that they have caused you loss. ainst.html

Have you disputed directly with the bank itself? Most banks do charge outrageous fees. Some have a charge per day every day you are over.

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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It's almost like fighting the law I think. It would have to be very hard to sue a bank just for the fact that I'm sure they already have a legal dept designed to deal with these situations. Although if you feel strongly about how they treated you than by all means do what you feel needs to be done.

If I may I might suggest one of the many prepaid debit cards that are available now. They don't let you overdraw your account hence no overdraft fees.

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Scott McKay Scott McKay

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As long as there are free checking accounts available to people ..I would never suggest using a pre-paid card. I now some people do use them and yes you can use them to avoid having fees if your account goes negative, but the idea is to learn to balance a checking account. info/us/en/aboutchecking/checkbookbasics/checkbookbasics.pdf

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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If you have been a long time customer a lot of banks and even credit card companies will remove charges if you just ask them

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lmaberna lmaberna

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Got charged $215.00 in two days after i tried to balance my account out with my bank. in the end i still lost money and got a Where sorry about it. Sorry does'nt pay bills. But an Attorney sure helps fix the problem.

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i would try to first dispute with the bank, go as far up as you can, supervisors, corporate, etc. the BBB helped me one time with a bank. if that does not work or if you want to move things faster, contact attorney general and division of banking as suggested.
i owed a bank $1,000.00 before because they would not put a hard block on my account when i was dealing with payday loans and i did end up having to pay them.. plus i got reported to chex systems :(

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Everytime i charge my debit/visa the funds are there i make sure i dont go over my limit by calling the bank and checking my balance everytime.. Then i make the charges then a few days later all these fees and charges are presented to my account.. For example i had used my card last on thursday with enough money in the account then between tuesday and wednesday my account had 7 $35 fees added and 3 transactions presented to the account that was done before thursday.. I am a single mom with one income how am i suppose to save money and survive when bank of america keeps doing this to me.. I want to sue them its outragious.. I've banked with other institutions before and i have never gone through this..

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I had the same problem with my daughter's account (I have P of A for her financial affairs). I switched her account to a bank that does not pay out debits unless you have the money in the bank. No more "courtesy" overdrafts for me.....

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aubrey aubrey
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What bank does not pay out debits unless there is money I will switch to that

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