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Wells fargo - basic checking account

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Yesterday I applied for a Wells Fargo Basic checking account and they denied me, but they said i was eligible for an Opportunity checking account, so i applied for that account, I called the rep to check the status of the account, and the rep said that they were still working on my application, and he said it looks as if i would be approved.
Its not really different from the other accounts from what the rep told me. Have you ever heard of this account? Is is a good thing or bad thing?

Be very ware of Wells Fargo! I have the opportunity package with them and they are very very strict on everything. Everything with this account is considered "HIGH RISK" with them. They hold every check deposit, even payroll. No ATM deposits allowed. If you just deal with cash and use your debit card, it's a fine account. Don't let it go in the negative!!

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WOW, they told me totally differnt on the phone, thanks for the information, I think I will just stick with Suntrust Bank.

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shughes0993 shughes0993

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Sorry for the delay but I have been bad sick. I have even heard that some people have opened the second chance account with them but they are still later closed

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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I started with one and the very fact that it was strict is what helped me on my path to "re-wiring" my mental thinking about how to handle my day to day finances. I don't regret my dealings with Wells Fargo Checking for a minute!

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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Last year, I opened up and opportunity checking account and it was closed that same week after. I did not withdraw any money but inst4ead they sent me a check in the mail and told me to never apply ever again. I paid my previo0us over balances. Now, a year a later, I just opened one up again without any problems. Hopefully this time around they won't close my account. I will wait to see. Wells Fargo opperates very strangely but I know, since they are so strict, it will definately change my way of banking---I will aim to avoid over drafts. One thing, I learned is that you can save money--it doesnt' rot, you know?

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Yes, Wells Fargo does offer a second chance checking called New Opportunity Checking. Some have been able to get these accounts and remain okay with them while others were approved but only to have the accounts frozen and closed at a later time due to chexsystems. Many times a bank may initially approve an account but later will determine that the account holder may be a risk. Another growing problem we have seen is from Early Warning Services (EWS) If you have been reported to EWS, do not apply for an account at Wells Fargo or any of the following banks. More than likely they will be closed at a later time.

Early Warning Services is a limited liability company owned by Bank of America, BB&T Corporation, JPMorgan Chase, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo.

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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Had a Wells Fargo Business Checking account and funds were frozen without notification. We are a business and like any business had some bounced checks but nothing crazy. Wells froze our account (40k) and almost put us out of biz. Listen, stay away from this bank. We seriously learned the hard way but will learn from the mistake and move on. By the way what happened to the funds? Still being held. The way it worked is they freeze your account, tell you they are closing it but it will take 10 days, then after the 10 days the funds go into suspense for who know's how long because they can't tell you. Once again this is a horrible bank and I will literally spend the rest of my life telling everybody I can to stay away... to many banks out there to deal with this kind of business practice.

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I had a line of credit with wells fargo and a credit card that I both stopped paying due to hard economic times. I owe them about $5,000 in total. Anyways I want to open an opportunity checking account but I'm worried that they may approve it, and upon finding of my past credit history with them, freeze my new account and confiscate the funds to cover past dues. Can they do that? I do believe that I am also registered with the chexsystem. I am trying to restart my life. Thanks

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yes they can and will open account that they will later close. With your past history, do not trust this bank at all.

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Mary Adkins Matthews Mary Adkins Matthews
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please do not included Suntrust,,they are using EWS & chexsystem now

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