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Getting calls from 18009556600. It's really annoying. Can anyone help me to find who's calling me?

18009557070/18009556600 belong to Capital One. I think you must have a Capital One credit card.

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 02/27/2006 - 09:30

stanley stanley

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john doe balance is 594.50 and member fee for june 11 -06 is 3,00 and overlimit fee is 29,00 (jun.11-06)and past due fee is 29,00(jun.11-06) and minimium payment is 94.50 for july 2006 and i send a money order of 24,00 in june 10,2006.i think the money order is not enough for a 594.50 bill.CapitalOne is not for real and everything they promisse is a lie.dont use CapitalOne credit card/what's in your wallet? 18009556600 is capital one. FEES+Fees+Fees+++++++++++++++++++++++++++HELP!!!!

Sub: #2 posted on Mon, 06/19/2006 - 12:17


CapitalOne?what's in your wallet?i have a statement here for my husband john doe (my husband became blind but i have very good vision)and i just cannot believe what i see.maybe this visa is good for you,ehwin and is not for others.i can fax this statement for you.maybe these fees are discrimination against us.many people wants a big piece of small disability check of my husband (600,00 a month)and my husband pays his bills every month.

Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 06/19/2006 - 14:10


my husband has a credit card from a kmart store.they close this card with with 500,00 one take over in 2005(I HAVE TO INVESTIGATE) and you didnt buy nothing more in this card.the platinum CAPITAL 1 ONLY GHARGES MANY FEES and other things that only is good for capital 1(one). i m telling the truth the balance is 600,00 now.if you cannot pay a whole balance you go to see what happens with you.they take cards like a kmart and close it.(when received a store credit card look behind the card like a kmart credit card and check if the name of capitol one is behind the card,if is ask kmart why are you are applying for capital 1 (one),too.after close the cash and purchase in kmart capital 1 (one) platinum begin to make husband has another capital 1(one)here too.he has a kmart credit card with expiration 2005 and i think make people overpaid a credit card and dont tell people with place they go to fall if they cannot pay a whole balance is a crime.what's is your wallet maybe is the reason they are so nice with people to get the last coin in their pockets for 20 ou 30 years if they cannot pay a whole balance.i can by a house and with capital 1 (one)my husband never go to pay this card that was a kmart and not a capitol 1(one) card. 18009556600 - belongs to whom?

Sub: #4 posted on Tue, 07/04/2006 - 09:35


capital one no hassle is a capital one hassle and my husband have 2 accounts with a capital is a kmart and the other one is a capital one.the problem here i told my husband to close these accounts that only are blood suckers accounts because last month he didnt paid this capital one because they dont want 20,00(CREDIT REPORT IS ONLY 15,00 MINIMIUM payment of this account) and my husband did not pay them last month because he haven"t a 60,00 to give to them.the total was 520,00 and now is 598,00.
29,00past due fee-29,00 overlimit fee,member fee3,00
and finance charge is 12.31.i think this is illegal.
WHOOPS!!!capitaL 1 HASSLE=520 TO 598 TO JANUARY 11-

Sub: #5 posted on Fri, 12/22/2006 - 12:03


MY HUSBAND's CREDIT REPORT of 14 of december of 2006
CapiTal oNe(1) HassLe balance amount is 525,oo and Acc438**** is opened in 2001.actual payment is 20,00 and the payment sheduled is 15,00.the last payment OF MY HUSBAND WAS november,2006 of 20,00. my husband had not a 60,00 to give to them and he didnt tell me that he didnt paid a 20,00 to capital 1 hassle because capital one 1 hassle told him pay a 60,00.if i know i had send a 20,00 money order to capital1 hassle.i think capital1 Hassle knows that a 520,00 BALANCE is a small amount and if my husband didnt get to close a 520,00 account is because he is really a poor man.
these people are So Bad that they really dont care for the poor or for A poor disability blind mentally ill man like my husband.this people dont care to take the last coin of the poor FOR theiR pockets.CAPITAL1HASSLE INCREASEd the amount of 520,00 to 598,46 to be paid in january 11 of husband was telling me that capital1 HASSLE GET THEIr PROFITs%BONUS THIS MONTH OF DECEMBER OF 2006.I THINKing SOME BAD EMPLOYEEs FROM CAPITAL1 HASSLE are JUST TAKING PROFITs or BONUS For THEM.IT IS CRISTHMAS AND THE PROFITS or bonus are taking for the most poor and disability is a PITY THAT SOME BAD EMPLOYEES AND BAD debt collectors HAVE TO OVERCHARGED poor customers to get their profits(BONUS).it is a shame!!! CAPITAL ONE (1)HASSLE tell their employees to get their bonus from the poor and the poor disability people.

Sub: #6 posted on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 08:30


my husband is asking the lady of customer service of capital 1 (18009556600) hassle in the telephone :-where ??he can find the account of capital one(1) hassle to pay the bill next month!?i was thinking he didnt pay capital 1 hassle because he hadnt a 60,00 to pay it.he tried to pay and these people disapearED like bank america and overcharging him a lot of fees. my husband is asked the lady in the telephone of capital 1 hassle where is his account OF CAPITAL 1 and he HAD tried to pay last month and didnt find anymORE.HE IS TELLING HER how he can pay next month if..IT VANISH?????!!!.MY HUSBAND TOLD ME the lady told him CitiBanK bought his Capital 1 Hassle account.i think Chase bank and Citibank really wants
to buy all accounts of my husband. I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR MY HUSBAND because Chase and Citibank WANTS to buy his accounts.
my husband have 2 capital one(1) HASSLE AND ONE IS A KMART CARD AND THE OTHER capital one hassle.after charged all fees capital 1 hassle sold the account to citibank????

Sub: #7 posted on Tue, 12/26/2006 - 17:32


Hello i have a capital one card.i have had it for 7 months now.but can someone tell me why i was charge $59.00 dollars for member fee and what is it

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 12/28/2006 - 10:46


capital 1 is so bad credit card that my husband send a payment of 90,00 for october,2006 and i have a statement here:
previous balance is583.75
payments credits is 90,00
finance chARGE IS 13.56
new balance is 520,31
minimium payment is 20.31 and my husbanD PAID 90,00 in october of 2006.MY HUSBAND PAID november,2006.
CAPITAL1 HASSLE DIRTy gaME DISAPEARED WITH HIS CAPITAL 1 IN december 2006 my husband didnt find his account of capital1hassLE and HE was charged many fees and this account of capital 1 is almost in the same position right is like my husband never gave a payment of 90,00.583.75 in oct.06 and in november the balance is 520,31 and in january 2007 is 598.46.(because the account wAS MISSING ...)
now my husband asked how he cAN PAY CAPITAL 1 HASSLE credit card IF hE CANNOT PAY this MONTH (december of 2006)BECAUSE NOBODY from capital1 hassle TOLD HIM about the missing capital 1 hassle and only now with all illegally fees CAP.1 TOLD HIM THE ACCOUNT WAS SOLD TO CITIBANK. i go to send these copies here for Equifax .my husband didnt tell me he gave $90,00 in october,2006 and not $20.31 to pay HIS bill.
i just found here the statement of november,2006 and my husband pay 20.31 to them in 8-11-06 and minimium PAYMENT in the bill is 25,15 but i'm sure in the telephone was 20.31 because my husband always pays the minimium WHEn he have not enough december 2006 capital 1 hassle disapearED with capital1hassle and sold the account to citibank and really the 90,00 he gave to this visa capital1 IN OCT.2006 was nothing a motive of joy for these people but a motive for abuse a blind mentally ill and i have to repeated always this is this forum because i really want that people see how some people are bad.i feel very sorry when the abuse is against a person that lost his vision and is mentally ill and dont understand he needs to stop the abuse against him.
i have to repeat always "sorry about my English because i'm really sorry for my portuguese is excellent but english is not my language and I'm trying really hard to write and speak a better ENGLISH.
I REALLY WANT THANKS Vikas ,MIKE AND ALL MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM to leave me to be a guest in the debt consolidation care is a honor for me.
my husband dont understand he needs consolidate his
bills in only (1)payment because he is very mentally ill and almost all his accounts is only in his name now.
thanks debt consolidation care members for help me with my husband.THANKS VERY MUCH all of you that take your time to help others and really care about helping good people like you.
i wish in this new year of 2007 a very good life for all of you and a happy new year and all blessings of
GOD WILL BE WITH ALL OF YOU .I WISH TO TELL all good guests of this forum a happy new year and never lose your hope because GOD IS WITH good people always.

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 12/29/2006 - 07:37


CAPITAL1 is calling (18009556600) here today for a 150,00 bill to february 2007.(FPL BILL IS OVER 150.00)this people take our money and run=CAPITAL1 PROPOSED TO MY HUSBAND IN THE TELEPHONE
a 150,00 take from his disability check next month.
i really go to complaint of capital 1 to the attorney
GENERAL of florida because they suppost to take only a 20,00 EVery month.capital1hassle take our money and run.capital1hassle took a lie detector exam and fail.
CAPITAL1hassle GO TO DISAPPEAR WITH A 150,00 AGAIN .THE FIRST TIME CAPITAL1HASSLE MAKE FEES TO MY HUSBAND AND TOLD HIM the account was sold to 1-12-07 cap1hassle collector call here to ask for a payment of 150,00 .after that capital1 go to disappear and make many fees for my poor husband..i complaint to equifax and capital 1hassle is not afraid of equifax.i told the man i was his wife and he wants to know my name:tania alvarez.i have to spell my name and my engLish is really bad but i told him;-i go to complaint TO the attorney general of florida.
CAPITAL1hassle:take our money and run and dont pay my husband"S bill.i call my husband because i think capital1HASSLE TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN,,,
wants to tell my husband about his lost account and many fees BECAUSE IS really ILLEGALLY WHAT CAPITAL 1

Sub: #10 posted on Fri, 01/12/2007 - 10:13


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