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I sent out 2 validation letters to afni who are reporting me for sprint pcs from 2003 and embark which was sprint home service also form 2003.

Well this morning I get an email from true credit with a change on my report so I log in a lo and behold
afni updated as verified. The this afternoon I get a letter in the mail from them it states.

This is respond to your recent inquiry regarding Afni account #xxxxxx. We have VERIFICATION with the creditor. the following info.

Creditor: Sprint pcs
original creditor: sprint pcs
account #xxxxxxx

This letter serves as VERIFICATION of the debt. Upon mailing of this letter, in accordance with 15 USC 1692g. AFNI will resume collection activities.

If you have questions blah blah blah

They also sent a different letter basically a settlement offer for 135.51 half of what the original debt was for.

So should I continue to request VALIDATION not VERIFICATION which is what they did or maybe a pay for delete 2 for one sale.
Can I trust for the pay for delete??? HMMMM


Send them another Validation letter, in it tell them that you did not request verification but VALIDATION. The information that they provide must come from Sprint not afni.

What State are you in? Hve you checked SOL?

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Validation consist of documentation from the original creditor, so they have not validated. The only thing they have done is violated the fdcpa by continuing to report information to your credit reports on a disputed item (according to FTC staff opinion) try sending them the validation letter template that I have provided via the first link in my signature. Also please be sure to send the enclosure with it, send it certified mail, return receipt requested.

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I reported afni to the BBB and they resonded by mailing a copy of an old bill for a Sprint account they are trying to collect on, a letter that was sent also states "This confirms the original creditor and balance of your account".

I decided to go one step further and contacted sprint by phone and inquired on this account by using the phone number provided by the ca and my s.s # and name and they couldn't find any such account.

If the OC could not verify the account what would my next step be?

Need some help


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kasmand kasmand

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I would be willing to wager that Sprint sold the debt. Just having a copy of a old bill does not constitute debt validation. They must also provide other documentation such as original contract, assignment contract or bill of sale, they must also break down the bill and show you how they calculated what they say you owe and a few other items included in basic contract law.

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Nancy Poe
Dispute Resolution Spec
Better Business Bureau
RE: CASE#: 1901xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx afni, Inc Account 0063xxxxxxxx & 0xxxxxxx
Dear Ms. Poe:
This is in response to your letter to Afni, Inc., regarding the above referenced matter. It is Afni's desire to work with consumers to assist them in resolving the questions and concerns that they may have about their accounts. In that regard, Afni has closed afni inc. account number 006xxxxxxxxx and notification will be sent directly to Mr. xxxxxxxxx. Afni will also send notification to the credit reporting agencies with instructions to delete the account.
In reference to the letter the consumer received from our office regarding Afni Inc. account number xxxxxxxxxxxx, Afni required additional information from the consumer regarding his dispute. This account remains due and owing. Should the consumer require further information, he is welcome to contact a representative at 866.857.7209. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Amy Acree
Compliance Associate
Afni, Inc.
404 Brock Drive
Bloomington, IL 61701


In reference to account number 024xxxxxxxx I spoke to a representative of the original creditor Sprint/Embarq inquiring about the above account and no record was found using the account number provided by the copys of a bill that was provided by AFNI, no account was found using my social security number, or my name. I therefore state that no such account exists and all collection activities and reference to this account on my credit report should be null and void.
It has damaged my credit rating far too long and I will continue my efforts to correct this by any means necessary

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kasmand kasmand

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Man can anyone that finds this site figure out that is not a DEDT COLLECTOR site. I mean it takes about two minutes to figure it out. No wonder people cave when the Collector calls.

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That was definitely not validation, especially when Sprint has no records, one little bill doesn't prove squat. Plus, they have done continued collection activity by offering that settlement PLUS verifying with the keep to your guns and threaten to sue them over it.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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I just want to print out that i have paid off my debt . Where do I go to to put in my account number

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