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Afni Collections agency - How to handle the collector

Afni, Inc offers collection, insurance and debt purchase services to leading companies in the US. If your debt account is held by Afni Collections, it is essential to check out the topics given below to know about how this collection agency treats debtors and how to deal with them.

Afni Collections agency complaints - How to deal with them

The community members and guests participating in the DebtCC forum have shared their feedback on the collection agency. Below are some of the complaints they've made. Check out these complaints and learn how you should be dealing with Afni Collections.

  • Changing dates related to the debt account: One community member says that the Afni Collections tried to change dates on an account even though the Statute of Limitations had already expired. The member repeatedly sent validation letters but the collection agency (CA) didn't respond with any proof that the member owed the money. What Afni Collections wanted was for the member to pay the entire amount. Learn more....

    If you're in a similar situation, and you're not certain that you owe money to Afni collections, do not make any payment towards the bill unless the CA validates your debt. Moreover, if the SOL is over, you may avoid making even a partial payment towards the bill. That's because it may start the SOL all over again! Learn more about how to handle collection agencies...
  • Harassing debtors: People have complained about Afni Collections agency harassing them for debt account where the SOL has expired. The CA is also said to contact people about payments on bills that they haven't applied for. Find out more....

    If you've been contacted by the CA about an old account and you're sure that the SOL in your state has expired, send them an Expired SOL Notification letter and remind them that they can no longer sue you about the debt.
  • Not willing to validate debt: Consumers often complain that Afni Collections agency is not willing to validate the bill that they claim you owe. The only option left for the consumer is to file a complaint with the State Attorney General. At times, the consumers' attorneys have even sued Afni Collections agency. Learn more...
  • Reporting credit information incorrectly: Afni Collections agency reports incorrect information to the credit bureaus. One consumer says that Afni reported inaccurate information to the credit bureau, and as a result of that the consumer's credit report showed an account with Nextel he had never had. The consumer claimed that when he had an open account with Nextel, it has showed a zero balance on his credit report. So, he actually didn't have any outstanding balances on the account. The consumer disputed the information 3 times and each time the response from the CA was that the account status had been verified and reported correctly. Find out more...

    If you are in a similar situation, talk to the credit bureaus and have them remove the incorrect information from your credit report if it can't be verified. When you communicate with the credit bureau, provide them with the copies of the documents that prove the information was reported incorrectly. Your letter to the bureau should indicate clearly which items you are disputing and have facts to support your claim. Once you contact the bureaus to dispute inaccurate information, the credit bureau should investigate and remove any errors from your report within 30 days.

How to contact Afni Collections agency

You can call Afni Collections: (877) 403-0670 or use the following address:

Afni, Inc.
PO Box 3427 Bloomington, IL 61702-3427

You can even contact the CA using the Afni Collections fax number: (309) 828-0931

My wife got a call from afni collections regarding...
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My wife got a call from afni collections regarding a bill that they said was from Verizon that was dated several months after we moved from where that phone service was. When my wife told the woman to send her a detailed validation she was told that all the law required was the total. Well thanks to this site my wife knows better. Then she wanted my wife to go to a "grocery store" to receive a fax. Yeah right.
I went on line and look what I found. Holey Moley!
Check out this link about them. or go to and click on the list of agencies to avoid. This bunch is one oh the worst.
Big junk debt scam of afni collection agency. It was no coincidence that they tried to change the date. Statute of limitations had run out on this in a few months ago if she owes it at all. I am getting tired of sending validation letters to afni collections but here we go again.
Beware of afni collections scam! This is a huge scam by a company that apparently is trying to climb out of thier own financial mess!

The word needs to get out.

Unfortunately, there are many illegal companies like afni collections in the list. Even if one of them is shut down, it will be a big relief to many people dealing with such crooks.

Be aware of your consumer rights. The collectors will try to intimidate you into paying more, without giving any documentation of your account. You have the laws in your favor to fight against AFNI INC.

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fatb88 fatb88

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Verizone often hires afni collections for collection purposes. It has become their habit to harass people on old and statute of limitation expired debts. Many a times afni collections call for a debt which you never had. It is preposterous.

When a debt has passed its SOL then no collection agency has the right to harass you. I.e. no collection agency can neither force you to pay the debt nor file any legal action against you.

Send them debt validation letter until and unless they give full information. Best of Luck buddy... :)

Sub: #2 posted on Sun, 08/03/2008 - 22:32


I think you should send second validation letter and mention in it that you don't want verification but validation of the debt. Information provided by AFNI collection agency must come from Verizone and not afni inc. Make it sure that you are sending the letter through a certified mail return receipt requested.

Sub: #3 posted on Sun, 08/03/2008 - 22:40


contact details of afni inc :-

404 Brock Drive, Bloomington, IL 61702

Afni Collections Phone Number: - (877) 403-0670

Afni Collections fax number: - (309) 828-0931

Websites: - ,

DBA names of afni are: -
Additional DBA Names
AFNI, Afni/Bloom, Anderson Fin Network, Anderson Financial Network, Anderson Financial Network Inc

Its other addresses are: -

P.O. Box 3097, Bloomington, IL 61702

P.O. Box 3427, Bloomington, IL 61702

You can also call them at: - (866) 425-1601

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also depending on what state you live in check to see if anfi collections is a licensed debt collectior if they are not you will have an easy time in court sueing them

Sub: #5 posted on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 16:13


Actually, a consumer does not have a private right of action to sue a collection agency (like Afni Collections INC) for not having the proper state license. Only the state can file.

Sub: #6 posted on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 21:20

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I received a collection letter from afni collection agency a month ago claiming that I owe for a landline phone bill. The problem I have is that the debt was accrued early 2002, and i wasn't 18 yet. I obviously didn't open that phone acct due to the fact that I was a minor. I have never received any correspondence from the phone company in all this time regarding this matter and it has been 6 years. And now i receive a letter requesting the debt be paid. I called afni collections to find out when this debt had occured, and when the guy found out that I wasn't 18 at the time, he was quick to try and get me to pay him by check or card. They also stated that this hadn't been reported to my credit yet, and wouldn't be if I got this matter taken care of. I have not sent any money or given any banking info to these folks.

Can they do anything after 6 years and considering the fact that I was not 18 at the time?

Sub: #7 posted on Sun, 09/28/2008 - 20:37


Don't send them any money, send AFNI COLLECTIONS INC a DV letter instead. I would try to find what phone company they are collecting for and call to find out who opened the account in your name. There may be some ID theft going on here.

Sub: #8 posted on Mon, 09/29/2008 - 00:00


Actually minors can enter into contracts , especially for necesseties which I believe a phone is . Once they reach the age of majority, the contract can be set aside but if you fail to do so, you can be held legally responsible.

Sub: #9 posted on Mon, 09/29/2008 - 05:59

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Is AFNI Collections the same company as Anderson Financial Network???
I have been watching my credit reports and I noticied that this company just recently reported on my credit file for an outstanding debt they say I hade with nextel.

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atruefamilyx6 atruefamilyx6

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