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Has anyone ever dealt with AIS Services LLC?

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Has anyone ever dealt with AIS Services LLC? I kept getting automated voice mail messages from them so I decided to call back and find out what they were calling about. I was told they were trying to collect on a payday loan (I can't remember the name) from 2005. At first they were really nice with me but when I was transferred to my "case representative" she began calling me a liar and yelling at me and being very rude. I asked her why she felt that she had to be mean and nasty with me when I was being nothing but nice to her and trying to deal with the situation. She said that she deals with "people like me" all the time and she's heard all the stories. I told her that I did not recognize the name of the payday loan company, I had not had any outstanding payday loans in 2 years, and that the ones I did have had all been paid. She continued to get nasty with me and I told her I had nothing more to say to her until she sent me something in writing as was required by the fdcpa. She got REALLY nasty and told me they did send something to me. When I asked her what address, it was an invalid address. She kept screaming at me and I hung up. First thing this morning, I sent a validation letter to AIS Services via certified mail to dispute the debt.

I am a little nervous because I checked the Ohio Secretary of State website and saw that AIS is registered to do business here and the court dockets revealed that they have sued a lot of people. I do not want to get sued but I think that the payday loan company, since it was an internet company not licensed to conduct business in my state in the first place, and who charged an illegal interest rate, would not be able to sue me here in the first place. In either case, the amount I supposedly owe is $595 which is a laughable amount to actually file a lawsuit over. I can't decide if I should just pay the money to make them go away or fight. I am reluctant to pay because another company, after I paid them over $500, sold my debt to like three other collection companies and I had to fight them to get them to close the accounts for something I already paid.

What should I do?

Jenn, don't be afraid while talking to the collectors. They have to follow the federal laws and they can't collect from you until they prove their authorization. Make sure they give you all details of this account before you send money. It should mention all your previous payments done on the account along with the outstanding balance. If you see problems while dealing with them, take the help of your state AG. These collectors behave well when they know the AG is involved.

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fatb88 fatb88

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troll-spew deleted - Uncle Wulf

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Please tell us how much you have borrowed and and much you actually paid back to AIS.

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I have to laugh...these guys never seem to see the whole point. Liker the OP mentioned they were trying to collect over 500 bucks, likely on an illegal loan that was originally like 200 bucks!
Whine whine. Pay your bills. Whine whine.
How about
Whine whine: conduct business legitimately. Whine whine.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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right you are goldenblast,ais is a collection agency that focuses in pdl debt.they contacted me about paydayloan yes,that is until my ag got involved.

the new mantra will soon be.
whine whine the ag's are making us adhere to the law whine whine.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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First of all - I would never take out a loan without the intention of paying it back. As I stated in my posting, to my knowledge, this debt was paid off years ago. Before AIS contacted me last year, it had been at least 2 years since I paid back all my payday loans. I had not heard from AIS in at least 2 years. They then called and began harassing me. I sent them a validation letter and they never responded. That seems to me to mean that they could NOT validate the debt. If it was a legitimate debt, they would have responded and sent me documentation of the loan and how much was paid back and how much I still owed. Additionally, I was suspicious because it had been so long and because I had already experienced other illegitimate payday loan companies who actually sold my debt to a collector AFTER I HAD ALREADY PAID THEM! I actually ended up paying on one debt twice because I didn't request to validate the debt and did not realize until after it was paid, that I had already paid it to the original creditor.

All AIS had to do was validate the debt and provide me with documentation that I still owed the debt. If true, I would have been more than willing to work out a payment plan or settle the account.

I do not like the implication that some have made that I would actually take this money out and try to escape from my obligations. Also, why would it take AIS over 2 years to contact me and then after I assert my rights and request a validation, would they not respond. You draw your own conclusion.

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Jenn Jenn

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Please do not allow this company to make you pay for a debt that has already been resolved. If you have and know you have paid this debt, then stick up for yourself. Do not allow this company to make you pay for something that you have already paid for. I had to pay a loan company (not a payday) for a debt twice and it cost us an extra $2000. Do not be a victim of this. Stop them now, so others will know that they can fight for something they have paid for and do not have to pay for twice.

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I checked my credit report today and found this AIS Services placed a negative notation on my credit report regarding Zipcash saying I owe $295. I never received anything in writing from them. I thought it was against the law to place something on a CR without validating. I am disputing this. Should I also send validation to AIS Services?

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scooter scooter

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Yes, you need to demand validation from them immediately. There's a very good template for the letter here. Be sure to include the enclosure, and send the whole thing CM/RRR.

Wait a week or two after they sign for the DV letter, then dispute the tradeline with the CRAs. It's illegal for the CA to verify the tradeline to the CRA without sending you validation first.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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I went to visit my Great Grandmother, during the visit the phone kept ringing, when i asked her why she didn't answer she advised that a bill collector was calling for one of her daughters who has not lived at the home for more than 35 years. She advised that the Same (Mr. John) had been calling for weeks. Each time he called he became more and more aggressive and disrespectful. Eventhough she advised him that the debtor did not live there and to please stop calling her home, HE CONTINUED, beginning @ 7:00 am. I called him back to advise him that she is an elderly person who is not in good health and the stress of the calls are aggravating her condition. He attempted to asvise me that he has never spoken to her but has left messages. At that time I connected a conference call with my great grandmother and Mr. John. She corrected him by telling him that she had spoken with him earlier in the morning and has requested him to take her off the calling list. I advised him of my Law Enforcement Position when he abruptly disconnected the call.
Eventhough "Mr. John Smith" was caught in his lie he would never agree to cease calling her home. In the event he or any one else from AIS calls her home they will be sued because the call was recorded and the request was made. I really don't see how the telephone pushers feel that they have the right to yell,insult and disrespect the people that they are utlimately trying to get money from.

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