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FFG & amp; Associates - Are consumers grieving against the CA?

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I received a message on my cell and at work from a Joseph stating he was trying to contact me about a check that I wrote and needed to verify some information with me for security purposes. I am not sure how to respond to this because I have not had a checking account in over a year. He sounds american and the caller id is from somewhat local area(about 1 1/2 hours away) with a call back #866-443-6985. I thought I would investigate a little before calling back since I have been having serious issues with scammers out of india harrassing me at work and on my cell and I am having troubles getting them to stop. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

FFG has been calling our house because someone has listed our home as a contact number. We've told the company this person doesn't live in our house and we have spoken with that individual in a decade. But they harass us with the same questions daily- which is illegal under the FDCPA guidelines. If they continue to call, I plan to ask them that I don't associate with agencies that engage in criminal behavior. Then I'll demand their address, so I can send a cease and desist order.

Anonymous Kid- I suggest you put them on the defensive, make them prove you owe the money. I plan to make them prove they have the right to contact me.

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I found this on the net for FFG. Maybe it's still current. I have been getting phone calls from these people everyday for the past week. Of course it's a recording.


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FFG and their little assortment of stripper named associates are operating illegally. They know this, I know this. They have "verified my employment and income" about a dozen times (Okay), and turned me over for legal action more times than I can count, because they "can't let this sit in the office forever". Same song and dance over and over and over again. They're full of crap. I have invited them to sue me, PLEASE sue me, but to no avail. The only thing they can do is call and call, which in itself violates FDCPA along with the numerous other tactics they try to use. I really love their use of "local" cell phone numbers to call, and really, you think that someone who listens to Joseph's recording time and time again believes that crap? Funny how Joseph's nasally voice was replaced with a robo voice, about a check I wrote. I don't write checks, I prefer cash and online payments thank you. Not many checks being used these days I don't believe, so you may want to rethink your ploy a bit FFG. At last, I am a patient man. Unlike FFG, I'm not blowing smoke when I say I HAVE taken legal action, and I will have the last word with these clowns. So, not only am I thumbing through the cash YOU think I owe you, I'm going to be thumbing through a bit more of yours soon enough. Happy collecting!

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Just a quick followup to my previous post. I received a letter yesterday from Neveda State Financial Division. They have given FFG 10 days to provide a validation of debt signed by the manager that must be notarized. If the information is not provided, they are subject to disciplinary action pursuant to NRS 649.395. I'm guessing is a law in Nevada.

They must not have received the notice, I got 7 calls at work yesterday and 2 on my cell.:-x

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blujeans blujeans

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Important info on ffg...
Public document...
Bbb oh ffg...
Unauthorized debits from your bank account and overcharging...
Go to and read it yourself...
Be very careful when dealing with these low lifes ffg,they will wipe out your bank account illegally...

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Must be a scam,

keep getting calls about a check I wrote. Never even owned a check book LOL
If I ever get a hold of them I will sue them for reimbursement for all the phone calls and voice mails.
I tried calling them back, actually got some none computer voice on for a second and than got dumped before I could even ask for Joseph.

Now the best part. Only 4 people (friends) have my number and guess what.... It is on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY since about 6 months.

Makes me wonder where they get the phone numbers in the first place.

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maybe all you DEBTORS should just pay your bill .#justsaying then you wouldnt have anyone calling you.

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maybe you should go back to the phones idiot.noboy here cares for the old PAY YOUR BILLS.that is for cowards and you.

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I am getting these same calls, at home and at work. It has gotten so bad I had our home telephone number changed and unavailable but they got it somehow. I do have a cash loan to pay back to a company, but this is ridiculous. The loan amount was $250.00 and they want 500.00. Most of these calls are coming from Joseph or Martha. I have nothing in writing from this company. What should I do?

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Before you call someone a liberal make sure you have all the imformation correct. What you do not know is this company was set up by a foreign individual and they call numbers at random and threaten legal action if money is not paid back. They are very threatening on the phone and try to scare their victims into settling what the victim perceives as a debt owed to FFG. They even try to get you to settle for less than what they tell you is owed just as long as you send money. They may even have part of your bank account number but not all of it. When you contact them they will try to extract the numbers they do not have and the real trouble begins. I know what these people are because it is nice to have a relative that is in the FBI. I have been called on 2 separate occassions by these people in the past year and I still have no outstanding checks nor loans that could have been in question. I contacted my relative and after an investigation was started and is still going on I have been told that foreigners have been duping American citizens out of millions of dollars with these types of scams. I am telling everyone to beware of these people. Now maybe if you have common decensy you will apologize for your comments to whom you perceive as a bleeding heart liberal.

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