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FFG & amp; Associates - Are consumers grieving against the CA?

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I received a message on my cell and at work from a Joseph stating he was trying to contact me about a check that I wrote and needed to verify some information with me for security purposes. I am not sure how to respond to this because I have not had a checking account in over a year. He sounds american and the caller id is from somewhat local area(about 1 1/2 hours away) with a call back #866-443-6985. I thought I would investigate a little before calling back since I have been having serious issues with scammers out of india harrassing me at work and on my cell and I am having troubles getting them to stop. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

no they are not legit by any means.

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I too am getting these threatening phone calls from 'joseph'. I didn't believe it because I've NEVER written a check before. They have gone so far as to call my employer several times (how embarrassing).my question is were are they even getting my info from? I have no debts and never filled out a loan app.

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If you search on CMG Group, you will find many similar complaints of unauthorized deposits for loans never agreed to, followed by equally unauthorized withdrawals, supposedly for only "interest and fees", so they never stop. The only way to stop them, apparently, is to close your account, after which you start getting threatening calls from debt collectors like FFG.

For a look at how this type of scam is run, see here:

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Where is there valid proof that they are not licensed to lend in TX? Because if I can obtain that, I can nail them to the wall for fraudulantly entering my bank account and withdrawing money like they did. The account is closed, as per my last post, but I continue to get random automated calls from a more professional sounding "Joseph from FFG".

I am annoyed and I'm ready to fight this head on.


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In response to the person who loves to capitalize the word YOU, explain to me where ANYTHING is EVER signed. I signed nothing NOR consented to anything and it STILL happened.

Riddle me that.


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ive been harressed by ffg and associates for some weeks now.. i calle the bbb and they have a rating of an f.. thanks for everybody who has replied to this forum. it really helps out alot. these ppl are scammers and they will get u if u let em.. and everything that everyone is saying, is exactly what they said to me.. thanks everybody... i am definitly filing a complaint

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I JUST got a call from someone who didn't say he was with any firm or CMG, but was calling for CMG to collect my loan amount (please see long post on page 36). He asked if I was going to take care of it today, and when I told him I would go to court for it, he tried to tell me that it would cost more than the settlement. He asked why I could go to court and I told him that CMG wasn't licensed to lend in Texas. He has the AUDACITY to ask "then why did you take the loan?"

What kind of f***ing idiot asks that question!? He KNEW that it's an illegal transaction! Then he went on about "did you pay it back?" and "why did you use the money?"

I told him about how the money was put into my account WITHOUT my consent and when I made the initial attempt to give it back, the lady from FFG never contacted me back and the money began to be withdrawn, again without my consent, from my bank account. I told him I closed it out and started getting harassing calls.

He said he would note it.

End of conversation.


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Hello, friends. I hope you guys can help me.

My family received a call from a lady that represented Frontier Financial Group of New York, and threatened that I could be taken to court. I gave her a call back not knowing that FFG purchased my debt (started with Wells Fargo, and then to 2 other groups before it was given to FFG). At first, I did the "protocol" on how to handle collection agencies and she told me to not mistaken her for a collector. She was going to serve me but just wanted to hear my side of things.

Long story short, I screwed up. I mismanaged my credit and took advantage of the system. Heck no, am I going to pay the amount but I'm willing to settle. At first she said no but later said she can think about it, but it will have to be $xxxx, which is about 2/3 of the overall amount. Some people are saying they are not legit, but it sounds like they rightfully own my debt. These lawsuit threats are worrying me and honestly I just want to settle and move on.

Any advice? Should I just make my offer tomorrow and then ask her to send it to me in writing? I did let her know that regardless of what she told me I'm going to do what's best for me and settle each account one at a time (I have multiple). The other accounts have already offered me settlements of about 20% which I'm ready to take.

Thanks for listening,

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helloall helloall

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DO NOT do anything unless you have positive proof that they own the debt and its within SOL. Immediately send them a DV letter(look on this site for a template and fit it to your situation). Make 100% sure they are legally able to collect the debt, most are scammers. Just the fact they started off with threats of court says ALOT!! That they are in fact scammers. You are by federal law to receive from ANY debt collector a dunning letter WITHIN 5 days of initial contact. DO NOT make any promises to pay WITHOUT DVing them first!!! Her saying "do not mistake her for a debt collector" alone says shes a scammer, that is EXACTLY what she is, A DEBT COLLECTOR-and probably an illegal one. DO a DV letter first and ask them also in the letter to restrict all correspondence to USPS only as phone calls to you(even if you dont have or use it) incur a cost on your cell service. I can call you and say I belong to such and such group and you own me $2000 and ask how are you going to pay it. DO NOT fall for the scammers out there now a days. Please for your sake SEND a DV letter CMRRR!

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Also, NO ONE calls ahead of time to tell they are going to serve you for court, NEVER. It is NOT done that way.

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