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I've been getting calls from IDT Carmel for about a month now. They keep calling asking for Gary Wray. Nobody of that name lives at my address, only me and my mother. However, in the phone book there is the name "G. Wray" listed at our address. This was Gertrude Wray, my grandmother that died back in 1995 while in her late 70's. There is no one else in the family by that name. She did not having any outstanding debts and we don't either. We left her listing in the phone book so distant relatives could find us easily.

We keep explaining this to them but they refuse to stop calling. They also won't tell us what the debt consists of, except that we better tell Gary to call them and pay it. Its annoying because they are calling everyday and when we are not home, they leave long messages on the voicemail. I have their 1-800 number and have called them directly to explain the situation but they just hang up on us.

We are on both federal and state do not call lists. I've filed complaints on them to both (even though they may be exempt being debt collectors?). Often the person who calls has called us before (a few of them have distinguishable voices) and acts like we're either stupid or trying to hide whoever they are looking for.

Any ideas on how I should proceed? I'm ready to contact my lawyer for harassment but would like to try my other options first.

Send them a cease and desist letter and send it cmrrr, this should stop all the calls.

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Your numbers been removed

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I have been getting harrassing phone calls from someone in your company who does not give his name or give me a phone number. I have not or ever would give my phone no. or address to any family member or anyone else to use for this account that he speaks of. He has been very rude,calls all hours, even holidays & weekends. I am getting very frustrated & plan to turn it over to my lawyer if the harrassment does not stop. I have caller ID so that's how I have the phone no. Saturday I also called & talked to Missy Grillo with your company who was very nice & understanding. She did document everything I had told her. And also told me to contact 2 managers about the person harrassing me. She gave me the names of Beth Rushmeyer & Quentin someone. I have perfect credit & do not ever have outstanding bills & I want my name & Phone number taken out of your account.
Please respond to this quickly so I can stop having harrassing phone calls from someone that is not professional & very rude & threatening to me? Thank you, Bonnie F

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Bonnie.....this is not IDT. This is a public forum dealing with debts and getting out of debt....nobody here is calling you. You need to call IDT direct or follow the advise above and write to them.

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