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Any help would be appreciative. I had in the past some online uncollectable gambling debts. (just looking for advice not ethical/moral advice) I had some checks that nsf'd to an online gambling site. They turned me over to Joseph Mann & Creed. Now after MUCH MUCH studying i have the knowledge that these debts are uncollectable. I have sent them the debt validation letter that stated all correspondence must be done in writing. I received another call today (did not answer got a voicemail) from them telling me they received my letter and they can verify the debts and I must call back so we can work this out voluntarily. I have logged this call and saved the message on my voicemail for further legal action if they get out of control. What should I do now... should I send a follow up letter regarding the debt validation and remind them they can only speak in writing to me and that no further collection attempts can be made until they validate the debt, should I answer the call, or should I just ignore the calls right now and continue to log each call. Thank you all in advance and I appreciate all your help here.

Send a follow up letter emphazing no contact except my mail. Tell them there will be no further attempt to collect until you recieve debt validation via mail. Not phone, you need it in writing for sure.
good luck!!

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mike_otr mike_otr

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You can also send a Cease and Desist letter to the collection agency asking them to cease all contact with you. After receiving such notice, a CA can only contact you in writing stating their future actions. Usually a CA will either say that they will stop contacting you or will notify you that they are taking legal actions against you.

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morozov - welcome to the forums!

No one will make moral/ethical judgements on you here - we've all had problems financially, be it with payday lenders, collection agencies, or in your situation, online gambling. One problem is not "worse" than the others - they all lead to financial difficulty and can require the help and advice of others to resolve them! :-)

Can I ask a question though? What has led you to believe these debts are uncollectible? Just curious - if you can post that information, it might help our membership offer you advice that is tailored to your particular situation.


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In the state of Pennsylvania gambling debts are uneforceable by state law. It is lined out in the Unlawful internet gambling act of 2006. So gambling debts that are online directly to a online csino or through a third party processer are uncollectable. Even third party processors that process transactions for csino's are in voilation of the act. An example case was a case where IGMpay was processing ach checks for Party Pker. IGMpay tried to sue for nsf money etc. The case was thrown out as they were a processor for online gambling (even though they were not a gambling establishment themselves)

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I understand now. Have you spoken to an attorney about this collection activity? If the collection asgency is violating your state law, at the very least, you should report them to your state's Attorney General and see what their take is on it.

Is it possible that they are collecting based on the NSF checks, and not based on the fact that these are gambling debts? I'm not well-versed in the issue of online gambling debts, but it seems to me that perhaps the collection agency may be trying to collect based on the NSF checks, not on the gambling debt itself.

I'm sure another one of our members will come along and post more helpful information - keep watching! :-)

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You definitely need to send a follow up letter to jmc--with an express mail--signature required upon delivery attempt-- (signature proof of receipt)--cost approx $15 --(simple certified letters they will decline to accept) this is because they can!!!!!!! And are bucking the fdcpa system in as many ways as they know how!!!!And know that if they accept it-- is only one more debt they legally cant harrass people about--they will repeatedly tell you they haven't received any response and keep acting like you haven't sent anything to them--they will eventually send you a statement--of what you supposedley owe and give you a certain amount of time to pay in full--this will be their first actual correspondense you have received in writing from them-even tho they will state in conversations that they have sent once or twice or three times already--hang up on them if they try and talk to you verbally--send everything they send you to your state attorney general-- and to the federal trade commission--do not attempt to be nice because they will turn around and try and make you feel guilty (because you originally tried to cooperate with their illegal actions) and subsequently became upset or absolutely rude after the way they treated you!! Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed! These peops are not getting a dime!!!!!!!!If they cross the line in attempts to collect illegal debt--they loose big time and then some please do more research and be confident that info you already have is correct! Jmc hires liars!!Should be their new slogan because it is actually the truth!!!!!!!!!!!Jmc tries to collect illegal on line gambling debts and therefore are at the bottom of the rung on the collections ladder
--they are the scum scimming--do not be intimidated by this company--report their actions!!!And their employee actions!!Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that they lose on internet gambling collections--can't believe they are still trying to collect!!! Please contact me for class l.s. currently being prosessed against this co>!!!

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sue any company who attempts to collect on line illegal internet gambling collection--you will come out way ahead!!!!!!!!!believe me!!don't pay anything instead sue for the way they treat you trying to collect---i know you will come out way ahead becuz none opf them will treat you right they all will be forced to pay more than what you think you might owe!!!imaGINE THAT FOR A minute if ya will whoopiE!!!!on the idiots still trying to be rude and collect!!!!hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!crazy people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if your co is actually in business of fair debt collection--think it's about time you proved it!!!you can't legally collect on gambling debts--leave these innocent people alone why don't ya??? ?I'm sure you make enough money on actual collectable debts that you don't have to act the way that you have allowed you remployees to represent your company--wow your and you guys suk to this point definiiely!!!!!hope ya all go to jail!!!!!!!!

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jmc you all suck--and you know it--you have no policy of treating anyone with respect and i really hope you get sued big time!!! m -f-ersQ!!!!!!!

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Yes...they are bunch of crooks ....nothing more than that. I have heard some horrific stories about them. They flatly violate fdcpa. They will contact and disturb you family, friends, neighbors and employers. But Wait..they wont stop there!!! They go one step ahead and discuss your financial situation with them. Embarrassing isn????????t it?? Fear is their No.1 weapon; they intimidate people by threatening them with dire consequences like criminal prosecution, garnishment of wages and imprisonment. Somebody PLEASE stop them

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