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Any help would be appreciative. I had in the past some online uncollectable gambling debts. (just looking for advice not ethical/moral advice) I had some checks that nsf'd to an online gambling site. They turned me over to Joseph Mann & Creed. Now after MUCH MUCH studying i have the knowledge that these debts are uncollectable. I have sent them the debt validation letter that stated all correspondence must be done in writing. I received another call today (did not answer got a voicemail) from them telling me they received my letter and they can verify the debts and I must call back so we can work this out voluntarily. I have logged this call and saved the message on my voicemail for further legal action if they get out of control. What should I do now... should I send a follow up letter regarding the debt validation and remind them they can only speak in writing to me and that no further collection attempts can be made until they validate the debt, should I answer the call, or should I just ignore the calls right now and continue to log each call. Thank you all in advance and I appreciate all your help here.

Tried to act like i owed someone something--i dont owe shit to shitville incorporated--joseph mann and creed should go to hollywood--actors from this company might possibly be able to make a living hahahahahaahhh

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Did you hear the response to your reply of "Embarrassing isn't it?"--Nope-- because people in debt have more rights than-- unscrupulous collections agencies--if they embarrass ya in any way whatsoever--they are the one's who have to pay big time--they should be embarrassed for conducting their business in the manner that they do and for allowing their employees to act so unproffesionally--Good Nelly--it's not as bad as u-think because anyone who has been wronged or embarassed by this particular company whether thay owe the debt or not will come out way ahead--BElIEVE me--I have been there and have stood up against the demons and came out with way more money than they said I OWED them--why? BECAUSE they don't know how to collect actual debts properly and seem to be purchasing uncollectable U.S. gambling debts to try and get some fast cash from anyone who seems to be afraid with their threats!!! These people can not collect any gambling debt that you might have made---and even if you did--they can't prove it!!! and they never will be able to prove it--because the transaction would never have been processed if it happened legally in the first place-- Good Nelly? Go forth and be a Good Girl from now on please!!! Represent the people who really need help please!!!!

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GOOD NELLY__U 4 REAL OR NO? U jmc employee or not?? please respond before ya get attacked in a bad way!!!!!!

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Have you noticed all of the cuse words on this page and posts. There are kids that may be with their parents on this great site, and I do not appreciate it either. Just a thought!

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Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker

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Jmc doesnt collect debt from gambling sites they collect debt from online money merchants that provide you people up front money do to what ever you want with it. Whats happens is when the money merchants tries to get their money from which they LENT you, the money is not available in the accounts and end up being a NSF check. So basically collections NSF checks!

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Well actually Joe its not a NSF check since no check was written to the company. Its called an ACH debit which is different than a paper check. You can be charged criminally with a paper NSF check, you cannot be charged criminally for a denied ACH debit, even though you collectors would try and scare people to think otherwise.

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ramj70 ramj70

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of course Joe is a collector, and of course no one "Lent" the money legally as none of it is coded as gambling--GREAT !!!--- response ramji70!--my response however is to lukeskywalker and I can't believe that any children would be on this site with their parents[ unless their parents are in wheelchairs]\--but I do agree with point that the language is getting a bit out of hand here--granted--people are very angry when companies like this treat them badly--but the monitor on this site by not removing the bad language is only adding fuel to the fire and encouraging more bad language and response--I think we can all agree that everyone here comes from different walks of life--and even though I can't believe there are any children on this site--if a monitor can't monitor here--let us respect one another enough to try and not be so offensive and I think the message will sink into to more people this way! Good luck to you Joe smoe-sounds like you are very frustrated because you haven't made your commissions on your debt collecting this week--perhaps you should quit your day job and quit trying to intimidate others ?

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Sorry to burst your bubble guest but I am not a "bill collector" just a 3rd party with no interest in the matter either way...It just drives me crazy when people talk alot of crap about something that truely shows they have "no idea" what they are talking about.. Maybe if you truely look into that matter you people will realize what your are complaining about has no real merit!

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Sure, whatever you say Joe. So please inelighten everyone what exactly is "crap" that people are talking about. And what advice that people give on this forum have no merit? With the exception of the clown with the foul language pretty much most advice given on this site is spot on.

It is obvious that you do not know what you are talking about since you do not know the difference between an ACH debit and an check and how a NSF affects each one.

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ramj70 ramj70

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UHM joe smoe-u are 3rd party? going crazy??? (wow collector terminology dude)is it driving you crazy because people on this site are realizing they will never owe your company a penny???? you are so familiar with what jmc collects--ask a 3rd party person who is really non-concerned--if they coded the transactions as gambling? now --that's the thing that really pisses me off Joe--how companies keep allowing this even though they know it is illegal--they shouldn't provide money upfront for anyone to do something illegal with--the only reason it is allowed is because your companies that you try to collect for don't code them legally--come on joe smoe--it makes you crazy? what a joke that we here on this site are wrong?? you represent the only evil here admit it and move one Joe you must go now!!!!

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