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Any help would be appreciative. I had in the past some online uncollectable gambling debts. (just looking for advice not ethical/moral advice) I had some checks that nsf'd to an online gambling site. They turned me over to Joseph Mann & Creed. Now after MUCH MUCH studying i have the knowledge that these debts are uncollectable. I have sent them the debt validation letter that stated all correspondence must be done in writing. I received another call today (did not answer got a voicemail) from them telling me they received my letter and they can verify the debts and I must call back so we can work this out voluntarily. I have logged this call and saved the message on my voicemail for further legal action if they get out of control. What should I do now... should I send a follow up letter regarding the debt validation and remind them they can only speak in writing to me and that no further collection attempts can be made until they validate the debt, should I answer the call, or should I just ignore the calls right now and continue to log each call. Thank you all in advance and I appreciate all your help here.

Gee Joe--I have previously dealt with your company who actually tries to use the excuse that the people who process illegal transactions only provide money for people to spend on whatever they want--no Joe--people in America are finally realizing that if anyone processes any illegal transaction by anyone who chose to spend that money wherever--the COMPANY who coded this differently as a legal transaction is the one who is at fault JOE!! you know it and we here on this site have been trying to spread the word to anyone here who might feel intimmidated by your companies' tactics--any money provided quote"you are an adult and can determine where and how you want to spend it"--if it is coded illegal as all gambling internet transactions are this equals always---UNCOLLECTABLE JOE!!!!!!!!!!! that's what drove you crazy because we here on this site are spreading the word and tha nk you very much for getting out of here because we all knew you represented jmc!!!

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Wow guess those on line gambling debts you thought you could collect ---on proved to be more than sometthing that drove you crazy about the so-called wining--you need to quit your day job joe and find something you can actually make money at!~!!!!!!

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Closed to further discussion due to frequent Tos violations.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Yes they do collect on other things, I just got a phone call today where they stated that I owe, around two grand in back payments for my online schooling. I didn't even know that I was that far behind in payments, and I wasnt supose to have to start making payments till 6 months after I graduate...

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Man i prank call these mothers all the time it be reel funny when you tell em your name is harry sachs

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IF you paid money to these guys...and it was for an online gambling debt, you'll want to check this out:

You might be able to get your money back and then some...

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