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Regent Asset Management Solutions - Does this CA really scam you?

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i received a call from 866-847-4539 yesterday with no msg---then again today wth no msg---when i call the number a recording says you have reached the legal department of regent asset managemtn solutions then sayd if you would like to make a payment u can go to a website they list, or there is an option if u have recently been given a garnishment on ur payroll or bank account or u can hold for a rep....anyone know anything about this place....i have nt recieved any letters and have not heard of this comp b4 or been left a msg.....

I spoke with "David" and "John" who was supposed to be a supervisor. John told me to quit waisting his time when I offered to send a money order. David hung up on me and even though I promised to pay half of the balance on Oct 9th via money order told me I was refusing to pay and it was going to the attorneys then hu.
Who are these people and is US Bank really using their services ?

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Calling US Bank next. This is ridiculous.

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Here in Seattle I've had calls from Regent Asset Management over last two weeks stating I owe 693.50 for a US Bank Account that closed in 2004 with a balance of 269.00. I fortunately have my closing statement showing a zero balance. I told the person I spoke to (no name given, but Mr. Taylor was the person I was supposed to call back) I told this person this looked very suspicious to me and said there's a statute of limitations on collecting a debt with no notice for 2 years and I have never received any notice of owing US Bank any money, nor have I received a notice from a collection agency. I said this is 2009 honey! and this sounds like a SCAM to me. He said that's what everyone says. When I asked for the fax number to send proof of my statement, he hung up on me. I'm glad to see this is a SCAM, but still worry they could try to garnish. Thanks for all your comments. I am relieved.

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Yes, if they didn't send you anything in the mail, assume they are a scam. BUT, if they have your private information, then you need to look into a possible security breach. See the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft website for more info. Put a Fraud Watch on your credit report.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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I paid an alleged debt on their website
without knowing any details about the debt or if it was even owed, my mindset at the time was that 500 was a resonable price to pay to make this mess go away. I had no prior experience with collections, but certainly didnt want my excellent credit tranished. I should have spent a few moments educating myself abou the FDCPA and debt validation, but I didnt, and I have learned something. Financially it doesnt break me, but now I am worried about 2 things; can payment be used as admission of the debt in the event that I want to request DV, and now that they have my credit card information, should I be concerned about ID theft?

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yes you should be concerned.alert the cc immediately,and put a fraud alert on it.i preach this over,and over.never just pay a debt.get details in writing first.also check to see if the alleged debt is even on your credit report.if you can dispute the charge as fraudulant with your cc company.they should help you far as payment being an long as you got no receipt from was fraud on there part.don't see how that would effect anything.

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Thank you on both counts. I have already contacted the CC. Would you believe that the call center refused to furnish an address for the DV request? No worries, I found several online, but it does add supporting evidence that this organization doesn't operate within the laws that govern their business. I appreciate your response, time and consideration.

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my pleasure.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I just had the "luck" of dealing with this company for the first time tonight. Since finding this site, I've done some additional research. The president of the company is Michael Scata. Here's one place the money is going: _2009/sd090003niwotscata/0003_referral.PDF

He also owns another collection agency:

Some info on the company:

Stock Symbol: Regent Asset Management Solutions, Inc
Line Of Business: Adjustment/Collection Services
Estimated Annual Sales: $3,300,000
Estimated # of Employees: 70
Year Founded: 1999
Estimated Employees for This Location: 70

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