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Regent Asset Management Solutions - Does this CA really scam you?

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i received a call from 866-847-4539 yesterday with no msg---then again today wth no msg---when i call the number a recording says you have reached the legal department of regent asset managemtn solutions then sayd if you would like to make a payment u can go to a website they list, or there is an option if u have recently been given a garnishment on ur payroll or bank account or u can hold for a rep....anyone know anything about this place....i have nt recieved any letters and have not heard of this comp b4 or been left a msg.....

received a letter today from this group, addressed to some Starte R Group and Associates, at my home address. We're never mentioned in the letter, and based on everything I've read, they're scammers. I just did my credit report and nothing is listed to US Bank, and nothing even rings a bell on that name. I'll write the DV letter and see if anything happens. They're also pretty persistent in calling.

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Regent Asset Management Soulutions is a fraudulent company plain and simple. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE. Maybe contact your local law enforcement agency as well.

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I don't understand why so many people assume that they have unpaid debt, rather than assuming (like me) that they *do not* have unpaid debts. First, I delete every message they leave. Second, if they do catch me on the phone, I tell them my name is John Smallberries. U.S. Bank? Never heard of them. Then I told the guy at Regent that *he owes me* $7500, but I'll accept $500. Either that, or just act like your insane or senile. Put them on speaker phone, call some other people over, and see how long you can torment them.

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Yes. I believe they are a scam. They are requesting money from me for a debt I paid in full 5 yrs ago. When you call the number it is either busy for you are on hold for hrs. I have left messages and they won't return my call. Then we get a letter with a Colorad address and a post mark from Las Vegas. Seems strange to me. We have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. Do not pay them!

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I've paid them $100 a month for 6 last payment was in February. i still owe them $ according to them. They told me to use my tax refund to pay off the remaining balance...they never sent me a statement told me i had this outrageous amount of interest my concern is that they are going to start calling my work again & demand that I pay them w.out me having any statment from them. i do not want to continue paying them $100 a month with out a statement in writing, however, they are charging me daily interest. any suggestions, help, ideas. obivously I am trying to be responsible and pay back my debts, however, I do not want to get taken advantage of either & I am worried this is what's happening!

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To the person above.... FIRST thing you should always do BEFORE you ever send one single payment to a collection agency is to send them a Debt Validation request. By law, they have to show you proof that they have the legal right to collect any debt you owe and are licensed to do so in your state. SECOND thing to do is NEVER just agree to something with them verbally....NEVER! Always get everything in writing before agreeing to any payment plan. It is always best to communicate with them solely in writing and have them do the same. That way everything is documented and they can't do the wacky things that we hear so much about. It is not at all recommended to ever give a collection agency your credit/debit card number. There are countless horror stories about Regent and others, taking out money from peoples account that was never agreed to. Collection agencies by law, have to accommodate all reasonable means of collecting a debt. That means if you don't have a bank account or don't want them to just withdraw funds each month from one, you absolutely have the right pay them with money orders.

Again, always get everything in writing. Never just send payments without any proof of paying....and always when first contacted by a collection agency, send them a Debt Validation request. Outfits like Regent and others are notorious for not following the law with their initial mailings. They, by law. must state in their first contact with you in writing, that you have 30 days to dispute the claim. Regent is a prime example of a company that does not abide by the law. Many times in their first letter to people, they will give you 14 days to pay....a clear violation of the FDCPA.

Good luck and don't let them bully you around. If you owe, pay....if you dispute what they claim....make them prove it.


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http:/ / et-management-solutions-in-overland-park-ks-99148408

They are a scam. Do not pay them. According to the BBB they have no affiliation with US Bank.

BBB Rating

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F:

* 57 complaints filed against business
* Failure to respond to 53 complaints filed against business.
* Overall complaint history with BBB.
* BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.
* BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.
* One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.

According to complaints filed against the business, this company collects on debts that appear to originate with US Bank.

US Bank does not have any dealings with this company. The debts that this company is collecting are unverified and US Bank has no knowledge of them.

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hahaha. yeah that would deffinetly make me feel better. these people have been bothering me for 1 1/2 yrs. i have ignored them until now... doing ym research. dont plan on paying a dime!

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Just got call from them and the person was Connie Scott. Boy, is she a winner!!!First she told me to borrow the money(on what she said was a $1200 debt on a $500 US Bank account debt.) from friends. I told her I was waiting for SSD and I would not pay a dime since I have not been able to work in 2 yrs. She said she "KNOWS" I can pay because they know I have a phone(doesn't make a bit of since)--she said in fact we have 3 numbers for you. I asked her if she would take like some BLOOD and believe it or not she told me to go and try to sell my blood to pay Regent!! Right!!!!I told her I was going to send a Cease letter and would contact US Bank about any debt! This really got her . End of call
I got home , saw this site and wanted to have some fun so I called back(within 1 1/2 hrs and asked for Connie Scott. Well guess what---a mumbling idiot said he didn't know her and transfer and had the balls to ask iof there was anything he could help me with . FunTIME USA. I demanded a debt validation letter and he immediately passed the phone to some Casey Anthony type slut and she said "is your address still such & such----in Lake Geneva Wisconsin?( I haven't lived there since 2004. She then hung up on me----------DAMN!!!!!!!!

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Has anyone found out how they obtain a person's information? There's a lot of references to US Bank, it's hard to believe the bank doesn't know anything about it. They called my office today trying to reach a client of mine, saying he had an account to settle with them or they were going to court. My client is 18, could have plenty of debt problems or could be the perfect target for a scam, I am waiting to find out if he has received any notice of debt. I work with youth who have been in social services, emancipated, and are learning how to take care of themselves, they are really susceptible to scams and being taken advantage of, but they also make really irresponsible decisions. I just want to know how these people got the contact info for my client in the first place. I will probably help my client file a DV if I can even get an address from Regent.

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