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Here's a new one to watch out for, especially in Florida, that I reported to Budd Hibbs. Bottom feeders who go for the jugular (judgments). They are in Tampa and represent such esteemed "clients" like lvnv funding llc and CACV/CACH. They love serving papers and trying to force you into "stipulation agreements", then wait till you miss a payment and grab an instant judgment. They won't respond to DV letters. Send a DV letter and they send a summons requesting a pre-trial "mediation", probably hoping you won't show up.

They served me a letter that said If I don't contact them within 10 days my driving privelages are going to be what do you think I should do?

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Is this in connection to a debt or a traffic citation?

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Certain government debts may result in revocation of your operator's license but I'm willing to wager that they are trying to scare you.

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what is DV letter? These people garnished my bank account. I have been paying them for over two years and a few months ago I was late on a payment.
They issued a judgement for immediate payment of the balance of $1300
which I do not have all at one time. I have continued sending them a monthly payment of $150. This weekend I received a notice from my bank that they had garnished my account. Now I have to deal with an overdrawn bank account.
They included a copy of the writ and forms to file exemption and request for a hearing. Should I take further steps than this to recover my money or wait until I hear something from the court.
Thanks for any help.

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DV = debt validation. How was they able to garnish your bank account? Did you go to court and a Judgement was issued against you. If not it is illegal to garnish someones wages or bank account without a judgement from the court. If there is a judgement, you may can get it overtuened if you weren't served papers to appear in court for the hearing.

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My husband received a judgement notice after Marcadis got a 5 min. phone meeting with Judge. We had no way to defend it. They say they are now looking at ways to collect debt. Can they actually attach bank account? My husband is on SS Disability. It is my understanding they cannot touch that money.My husband never signed a contract for the credit card, never used it. Was from 2000. Thanks

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Were you notified that you were being sued? If so you should have appeared in court and advised the court that the debt was out of SOL. As for attaching the bank account, sometimes they do and it is up to you to prove the bank funds are from your husbands disability. My attorney suggested that I obtain a PO Box and have my check sent there each month.

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I just received a letter from Marcadis & Associates stating they are representing Financial Portfolios, II (Who is this?) and states that I owe 5,552.24. My original creditor is Chase and this account has been charged off for years. Although each year I get a different collection agency calling. I read comments on this site that the state of Florida has a 4 year stature of limintations. This accout was open back in 1990 and charged off back in 2005 if not earlier. I'll have to check the date. On my credit report, there is three different descriptions of my account form derogotory, closed(paid) closed (transferred)with a balance of 0. what can I do next? Thanks for your help

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Actually for a Bank Card (Chase), you would be looking at the 5 year SOL. When was the last payment made?

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After numerous phone calls and threats from FMA Alliance, I sent a payment in November of 2007. Again this account has been charged off for years. Will I have a right to request a settlement?

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