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Here's a new one to watch out for, especially in Florida, that I reported to Budd Hibbs. Bottom feeders who go for the jugular (judgments). They are in Tampa and represent such esteemed "clients" like lvnv funding llc and CACV/CACH. They love serving papers and trying to force you into "stipulation agreements", then wait till you miss a payment and grab an instant judgment. They won't respond to DV letters. Send a DV letter and they send a summons requesting a pre-trial "mediation", probably hoping you won't show up.

Check wwwdotserve-emdotcom for FL's Rules of Service

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I recently received a summons/notice for pre-trial from this firm regarding debt that I owe to Suntrust Bank. And the next day following I received a letter from American Mediators with a Limited POA form as they were already aware of my case. Any thoughts anyone? Is there anyway to get this resolved without having to go through the courts or these attorney's? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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They tried to garnish my wages, but fortunately, I have a mortgage with my bank as well as a signature loan.....hahaha, my bank was so cool, they took the money that marcadis tried to have garnished and paid that months mortgage and put the rest on my signature loan, which I was able to use right away. I was lmao!!! This people are scum, but I am paying it off 100 bucks a month....

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i filed claim of exempt and marcadis law firm did a affidavit of opposition i have no help court is set for july 16th 2 pm what will happen i was paying $100 a month but that is not good for them what will i do if i can;t pay more the judge in osceola county ronald legendre is an ass he always go with these lawyers

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I have not requested a DV from these people yet, but they recently server a summons FOR ME to my parents. Is this legal? I do not live with my parents, and have not for many years. My deposition date is today. I've got the DV letter printed up. Should I just go into the office, give it to them, and leave? It's not an official court date, just a deposition requesting my tax/bank/pay stub records.

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One other point of info. Marcadis & Assoc represents LVNV Funding, which apparently does not report to any credit bureaus, so I was unable to find this debt anywhere in my credit report. Is this even legal? I paid off several debts that I owed about 4-5 months ago, all of which I found in my credit report. I didn't see a debt to these people, so it remained unpaid, and we put the remainder of our funds into the home we're renting. How can they expect to get paid if they're not showing on my credit report?

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show up even with out a Lawyer or they will be granted a default judgment.then they will garnish your bank account,ask me how I know this. If you need someone to do your paper work to file for a bankruptcy contact me Lisa Burke 863-949-4066 typing service debt relief $200.00 gets your debt discharged in bankruptcy filings

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I just got my first letter from them. The bill is about $450 higher than the last notice from the old collection agency. What is a DV?

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DV= debt validation.make them prove that you owe that amount,and that they have legal right to collect on it.

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I just got off the phone with these guys. They told me I signed a "stipulation" agreeing to pay this absurd amount of money then began talking to me like I was white trash. First off, I never signed anything being that I'm stationed in North Carolina, they sent letters to and called my mothers home in Florida. The debt they say I owe is about 4 thousand more than the original amount. I've actually been making payments to these guys for the past 8 months, I think I'll contact an attorney now.

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