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Here's a new one to watch out for, especially in Florida, that I reported to Budd Hibbs. Bottom feeders who go for the jugular (judgments). They are in Tampa and represent such esteemed "clients" like lvnv funding llc and CACV/CACH. They love serving papers and trying to force you into "stipulation agreements", then wait till you miss a payment and grab an instant judgment. They won't respond to DV letters. Send a DV letter and they send a summons requesting a pre-trial "mediation", probably hoping you won't show up.

I just had a run in with marcadis & associates
my wife had a judgement against her for a cc debt 6 years old. Theese pieces of trash sued my wife to recoup the past cc debt as part of there process they also put a levy on her which was filed in may of 10 this morning 10 27 10 sherrif showed seized my wifes truck and impounded it forcing us to find a family member to borrow 5800 dollars to satisfy and outstanding debt of 3700. I was contacted at work my neighbors were contacted reguarding this debt i have an outstanding debt of the same dollar ammount and i am worried they will come in and strong arm us again using the sherrif as a repo man we tried to settle the debt with a cash payment. marcadis refused it and said they wanted it all. what can i do

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