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I was contacted by a company claiming to be U.R.G. they will not tell me what their initals stand for and will not tell me where they are located. I cannot file a bbb complaint due to not knowing who they are their phone number is 888-556-3926 they give you a "case" number and stated all of my precious belongings and property is going t be levyed and theyy will take eveything I own they also called family and told them they were going to come by their home and serve me! I am a collection agent myself, third party and when they called me I was not asked for any verification of who I was, which is also required per the FDCPA. I want to find this company and I dont care even if I cannot I am getting an attorney and I am suing them, the attorney will find them :)

I believe them to be United Recovery Group... t.html

I am going to try the number you posted ...see if I can verify there name.

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It is United Recovery. I verified the number.

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united is a dirty piece of garbage bottomfeeder.the case number is bogus,and they illegaly threatened them.first to your local police.then to your AG,and the do i know the case number is bogus?well for one i'm guessing the number is at least 8-9 characters.don't know any state that use numbers that if you tried to search the number in your court clerks website it wouldn't turn and ignore.

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THANK YOU!! Yes I called them last night they refused to give their ccity state the name of their company instead of the letters! I was trying to file a report but couldnt figure out the letters! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Yes they are truly bottom feeders! :)

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THey called me today and i requested a copy of this letter- they claim they are the United Recovery Group 3045 S. Archibald Ave STE H132 Ontario CA 91761. Phone number 888-556-3926 ax 714-221-6296
THe man whos name was on the fax is Marlo Ivey

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The people gave me the number to another company - not them - calling themselves URG out of california. That number is 888-321-4888 and has been busy everytime I've dialed it.

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These people are calling looking for the former owner of my house. They were beyond rude to me on the phone and I feel threatened due to the content and tone of the conversation. How do I stop these calls? This is not the only company calling for this guy, but it is the only one I now sleep with a baseball bat because of.

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Send them a cease and desist letter and cc your state's AG.

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Jessica Jones from URG offices called my mother, and my job (I'm off today) this morning. They asked to speak with my boss, and gave my case information to my co worker there. When I called back, they said it was for check fraud charges for payday yes because payday yes gave me money and when they tried to collect the account was closed. I'm in Nevada and I know that payday yes was not licensed and I paid the principle a long time ago. This is still a scam right? Just want to double check...

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BellaLisa2120 BellaLisa2120

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payday loan yes is a illegal piece of garbage.also fraud is a crime and debts are civil matters at them asap,and ignore them.last thing payday loan yes hasn't loaned in almost four years as they were c&d by alot of states.

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