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I was contacted by a company claiming to be U.R.G. they will not tell me what their initals stand for and will not tell me where they are located. I cannot file a bbb complaint due to not knowing who they are their phone number is 888-556-3926 they give you a "case" number and stated all of my precious belongings and property is going t be levyed and theyy will take eveything I own they also called family and told them they were going to come by their home and serve me! I am a collection agent myself, third party and when they called me I was not asked for any verification of who I was, which is also required per the FDCPA. I want to find this company and I dont care even if I cannot I am getting an attorney and I am suing them, the attorney will find them :)

They called me just the other day telling me that they will meet me on the street and serve me court documents...How crazy is that.......

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Ok Got a call from Jessica Jones again this morning and got a bit more information. She was calling so I can call the attorney's office, and keep from getting sued. The number she gave me to call was 855-267-6126 with a case number being 1129162. I spoke to someone names Jamie, and she said that she was with URG offices in Macon GA. She said that this was rearding a loan with paydayyes (or payday yes?) last year, Not payday loan yes.

Anyway, She said that URG did not stand for anything, and they address she gave me was a P.O. Box. She wouldn't give me another address, nor the number to the paydayyes corporate offices that she said that she was representing. I told her that I have an attorney, (which I do, I'm actually filing a complaint with Western Sky and Cash call) and she said that she will be able to provide my attorney with all of the information that I am asking for, but is not able to give all of the information to me...


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BellaLisa2120 BellaLisa2120

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I have been receiving calls from this company for over a week threatening to have me "served". Out of fear I did call back and received an 7 digit case #. I initially made arrangements to pay them a "good faith" installment in order to halt the impending court documents. Thankfully, when I called back on the promised date to make a $200 payment on the supposed $600 debt, their system was down and they could not take any payments. I count this as sheer luck, as it allowed me to re-think (with less fear) this URG company. After researching this company and not finding any real valid info on them, I received yet another call stating that I had to call back by COB today or I would be served. Its after getting that message that I found this site and now realize that I almost made a huge mistake. I called them back and asked what URG stands for, the agent said..."oh, nothing" Thats a HUGE red flag! I explained that I need something in writing or some type of document from them before I make any payments to thi "URG". The agent was extremely pleasant and said they will email me shortly. While still not convinced that they are in any way a valid company, I am anxious to see what they will send...if anything.

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I did the exact same thing u did on the 5th of july but i also requested documentation be mailed to me but I was told it would be mailed and emailed I have not received anything. Yet i have called them a few times only 2 get hung up on or get major attitude 4 asking 2 many questions.. the guy today tried to convince me they have been sending me information and will send me another email but refuse to send me anything in the mail. So i mentioned them being scammers and he was extremely pissed as the others were. BY LAW THEY HAVE TO SHOW YOU OWE THEM. They harrass and threaten with a court summons I him if a judge tell me I owe in the court of law I will be more than happy to pay & i asked them to stop calling me unless they can give me what I need

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You are correct. They are scammers. If they persist with threats, contact your state's AG and the FTC.

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bingonut bingonut

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she has called my mom n law and my house; not my work or cell and has said i was going to be arrested and scared my brother. the number i have is: 866-875-4604

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file a police report,and have your mother in law do the fact this humanoid would be in jail themselves for threatening and ignore.

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Company URG is calling me, and my family from 1-855-819-6108. Telling me there is a redflag on my account. They said i have a bad payday loan, from a company that was never authorized to deposit funds into my bank account. Now I have a lady calling me from a private number telling me she is a private investigator and that I have less than 2 hours to setup a payment with them. Call my boyfriends parents!!!!!! Someone help

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this bitch broke the law big and everyone else file police reports.then hang up on her sorry ass,or everyone ignore her sorry ass.nothing she said was true,or gonna happen to you.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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This company has called my job and informed them that i am in breech of a contract and all our calls are recorded at work so i have proof of the call. i called Tiffany back and she was the nasty little hood rat and i told her she better stop harrassing me cause i dont owe them anything yet alone know who they are. she said that she would continue to call and harrass me and come to my job and serve papers. i was nervous at first but then i called Raleigh PD and the officer said that there was nothing the local police could do and to also call the Attorney general office and file complaint. i did that and now she is calling again saying i have a bad check..i am placing the letter in mail today and cc the attorney general letting them know that the calls are still coming and im looking for a lawyer to file harrassment charges against them..anyone want to come together and shut them down?

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