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I was contacted by a company claiming to be U.R.G. they will not tell me what their initals stand for and will not tell me where they are located. I cannot file a bbb complaint due to not knowing who they are their phone number is 888-556-3926 they give you a "case" number and stated all of my precious belongings and property is going t be levyed and theyy will take eveything I own they also called family and told them they were going to come by their home and serve me! I am a collection agent myself, third party and when they called me I was not asked for any verification of who I was, which is also required per the FDCPA. I want to find this company and I dont care even if I cannot I am getting an attorney and I am suing them, the attorney will find them :)

no illegal lender can report on a CR.cashcall is getting burned by at least 24 other than that point i like the rest of your post.

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Same thing happen to me they call a family member saying i had a court case that i was being sued i call them very rude people has anyone got sued yet

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I got a lovely phone call today from them. They won't give you much information, but they love the legal threats. I told her I had to look into it and call her back. I had asked her what URG stood for and she told me that was their name. So, once I got the number 855-672-5978 , I started researching. I have found several sites with complaints including the BBB. Bottom feeders!

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This company called my parents, part of a huge issue in the country. I called them back and it was about a PDL I took out back in 2008, which I paid. They gave me the email address to send them the PIF letter, which is m. Now, if you do a whois for the domain, you can see a company in Germany owns that domain.

NS records of

IP Address : +
Continent : EU

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URG called me today. They used court as a threat and when i called the original debtor they informed that it is against the law to take anyone to court for a lawsuit on a Payday loan. If they say that hang up, word to the wise, call the buisness where the debt occured they will give you the name of the last collection agency that had the debt start there. DONT TRUST EVERY PHONE CALL FROM A COLLECTION AGENCY. start with the last collection agency that the buisness where the debt occured gives you then go from there. Ask for the original loan# if it does nto match what they give you do not pay them... Good Luck

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I have been a bill collector for about 10 yrs and company's like URG make good collectors look bad. I received a call from a ms, Williams she told me that i have a legal claim in her office but she would not tell me what it was and when i asked for her to send me verification of the debt in question she told me that she was going to sue me and she did not need to do anything but I needed to pay her told her look up FDCPA laws and lets see you sue me.

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they are scam company because my attorney try to contact them but their are refusing to give her the physical address to serve them paper, because Im trying to sue them for harassing and malpractice according to FDCPA

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Got a call from Ms. Tolbert yesterday after she had already left a voicemail on my babysitters phone and my mothers phone threatening to charge me with theft by deception. She then called my cell phone after I spoke with both people. I had their voicemails they forwarded to me. Advised me I would need to set up payment arrangements on a debt that was taken out in December 2010 by my then husband on a Television. I asked her to send me verification of debt she stated they sent one on December 16, 2013 and she would email it to me. Threatening to charge me with a crime of Theft By Deception which she left on both previous voicemails. I advised I would call her back. I spoke with my ex husband who stated it was not a television but a computer from Rent A Center. He had made all payments on item and he would fax me over the information I needed which he did. I called Ms. Tolbert back asked for a mailing address, company name and fax number so I could fax the information to her to get this cleared up. She got very rude advised me it was a debt I owed. (First off the debt was paid and was my ex husbands, second she threatened me and I have one year left on a law degree before I can take my Bar Exam.) When I called her on her tactics she immediately advised me she was recording the phone call which she hadn't done so at the beginning of her phone call. She said she was filing charges in the state I now live not the state I lived in the year of 2010 and she would have me arrested inside of 24 hours. I called my best friend who is a Police Captain in the town I live and advised him of the situation and the name and the number of the caller. He spoke with Macon Georgia where the company is out of and advised of the situation. I also spoke with my sister who is a paralegal for a Financial Service who does Debt Collection and Charge Offs. Under the laws they cannot leave a voicemail on another cellphone with the case information or that they will take you to court or have you arrested. They cannot threaten to call your employer nor can they take a post dated payment more than 5 days out. Miss Tolbert offered to take my Credit Card information for 7 days out I refused to give it to her. She tried to enter into a contract with me without giving me all information up front including the company she worked for. She refused to send documentation on the verification of debt. Refused to give the company address only the address of the company they bought the debt off of.

File a complaint with the FTC and the AG in your state. I have spoken with my attorney and I will be filing a law suit in conjunction with my mother and babysitter for harassment and slander. So screenshot the phone calls, if you have access to a recording device record the phone calls and lets shut this company down.

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They called me said they'd make sure I would get fired and go to jail. I made arrangements to pay them, but they would take the money before the date they set. That was causing trouble with the rest of my bills, so I think I'll just go to court.

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They called threaten I made arrangements to pay but they keep taking out on the wrong date. Do they only have one person working there? If you put one number in for an extension and you always get the same person.

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